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Automatic Clients Review (Robert, Alen)

Robert Neckelius

Automatic Clients believes it’s better to build a seven figure business selling something for five bucks than it is to sell something for five thousand bucks. Take their Automatic Clients hardcover book, for example. They can easily sell between one hundred and three hundred units per day, on relative autopilot. And then upsell a good portion of those buyers into a five- to ten-K program. Usually within a week of ordering the book, too. Plus they can recoup their ad spend, grow their Facebook group, SMS list, email list, et cetera.

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And they can do all of this without having to post content twenty-four-seven, without having to share every moment of their lives on Instagram, without tricking people into long pitch-fest webinars or “strategy calls.” They don’t have to overpromise to make sales. They don’t have to spend a fortune on ads. Fifty bucks is all it takes to get your first few customers. Robert Neckelius, the guy in the pitch video, has been a digital nomad since 2017.

When he got married and had two kids, his priorities shifted. It wasn’t just him he had to provide for anymore. He needed to elevate his earnings. So he took everything he had learned, and made it into a course. Only, he couldn’t get anybody to buy it. He tried two webinars, a hundred dollars a day on paid ads, nothing. He dropped the price to four-ninety-seven and did the whole organic thing. Finally got a sale. But that was it. Just the one.

On the verge of throwing in the towel, Robert decided to give it one more try. Another webinar. Another failure. So he did, he quit. Temporarily. Then, a few months later, he meets this guy named Alen, a super successful internet marketer. Yet, he was totally under the radar. Not a guru, not someone selling a course. Just in the trenches, actually running campaigns, responsible for millions of dollars a month in revenue.


Alen eventually shows Robert an eBook funnel that was doing one-point-two million a month. That gave Robert an idea: instead of messing with this webinar, why not put all the info into a cheap book and try to sell that? Two weeks later, his book, 2 Hour Agency was complete. He made a Facebook organic post to his two thousand friends. Within forty-eight hours, he had sold one hundred and two copies. This earned him a little over six grand. Incredible.

“And at that point, I realized people love books,” Robert said. “They’re already buying books. And, on the flip side of that, they’re sick of gambling nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars for an online course sold through a webinar only to hope or to pray that there’s some piece of information in there that’s gonna work for them. So instead of that, you know, I gave everything away in the book for next to nothing. People bought it and they really enjoyed it.”

Robert ends up partnering with Alen. They go on to build a seven figure business selling five dollar books. Next thing you know, other big name marketers are coming to them, asking for their secrets. Ultimately, that led to the Automatic Clients book. It’s twenty-seven bucks, loaded with insights about this very process, and accompanied by all kinds of bonuses. Robert and Alen clearly know their stuff. This is one of the best sales funnels I’ve been through. Of course, prepare to be upsold once you buy. But still. Nicely done, boys.

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