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Ecom Babes Review (Cortney Fletcher)


Cortney Fletcher has helped over 2,000 women start their own online boutique in the last two years. She teaches a strategy called Connective Ecommerce. It’s basically her take on Shopify dropshipping, which allows you to launch your own store without risking money on inventory, ads, employees, leases, etc. She reveals her secrets in a course called Ecom Babes. Scroll down for my review.

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Cortney Fletcher is a college dropout turned ecom millionaire. She claims her online store, Transcend, does as much as $24,000 per day selling cute pieces of jewelry. Ecom Babes is her six week digital course that will show you how to start your own online boutique and get paying customers inside of four weeks via Shopify dropshipping.

Cortney markets solely to women who are looking for a side hustle or a new career altogether. No knowledge or prior experience is required. Just follow her step by step videos, complete the worksheets, and get support inside the private Facebook group and on the weekly Q&A calls, and you can’t lose, says Cortney. The cost for Ecom Babes is $3,000. There was no mention of a money back guarantee.

Of the 4,500+ Ecom Babes in Cortney’s Facebook group, 1,214 of them have paid for her course at the time of writing this. Her website boasts a “4.9 star average rating” from said students, but you’ll have to take her word for it because there’s no link to any third party reviews. I like Cortney’s demeanor. I like that she seemingly walks the walk. I love how she positions herself as the go-to source for female entrepreneurs wanting to learn ecom. I did however find some of her marketing misleading. Read on.

Courtney Women Ecom

Cortney’s YouTube ad, for example, said she was “only putting on this free training once,” so you have to act now. Her website doubles down on the fake urgency, with wording like “today only” and “live training starts in four minutes.” In reality, it’s a recorded webinar that you can watch at any time. (Just refresh the page.) But like, why lie? I also thought her overall review rating seemed made up. Finally, even though I believe she’s legit, I couldn’t find Cortney’s personal store online. It would help cement my belief in her Connective Ecommerce system if I could see it with my own eyes.

Those things aside, I feel pretty good about Cortney and her Ecom Babes program. I’m just not entirely sold on dropshipping as a business model. Yes, you can make money with it. Cortney does. As do her top Ecom Babes. But what are your odds of success? Is the average enrollee seeing a profit? Especially after you factor in ad spend? Which, let’s not kid ourselves, you will need to run paid ads to drive any significant amount of traffic to your Shopify store.

And what about sourcing products? Have shipping times been negatively impacted by the pandemic? Can you really rely on China to send your customers quality products in a reasonable time frame? And even if you can, will you have to call hundreds of manufacturers and haggle over price until the economics make sense? What about customer support? Returns? Refunds? Who handles that? I may be biased, but what we do seems simpler and much more scalable. To see why I say that, check out the article referenced below.

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