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Limitless Lead Flow Review (Cody Barton)


Pace Morby’s giving Nick Cannon a run for his money. Meet his newest son, Cody Barton.

He and Pace created StartVirtual together. It’s a company that has trained VAs you can hire. 

Now they just launched another offer: LimitlessLeadFlow.io.

Want the scoop on that? Read on for my review.

So whether you’re brand new or super advanced…

Whether you’re a BRRRR investor, a fix-and-flipper, a buy-and-holder, whether you’re going after subto deals like Pace teaches or dabbling in short-term rentals, doesn’t matter…

You need leads, right?


A conveyor belt that brings you motivated sellers, that doesn’t stop.

You can monetize the deals however you wish.

But that’s what it takes to build a combined $250 million dollar portfolio like Pace and Cody have: limitless lead flow.

It’s also how Cody can travel to Colombia and Iceland and Costa Rica with his chick, and Pace can be on TV shows and podcasts and create all this content and come up with all these offers, and yet the portfolio keeps growing.


It’s ’cause the leads never stop.

Pace credits Cody with figuring all this out by the way.

Cody learned it from his buddy Brandon. Brandon sat him down one day, opened up his laptop and showed him, here’s how I’m dong text message marketing. And here’s how many deals it’s getting me. And here’s how I’m utilizing this channel, and that channel, and so on.

Cody took it and ran with it, improved it, scaled it, brought it to Pace who couldn’t friggin’ believe it. They’ve been partnering up on projects ever since.

Now they’re ready to package it all up – everything Cody does to reel in all these juicy leads – and hand it over to you.

“So inside the training, it’s like, okay, if you’re gonna send text messages, this is the type of budget you wanna be looking at,” Cody says.

“If you’re going to be doing it, what markets maybe make more sense to be marketing in than other markets? Ya know, how many leads should you be expecting?”

Cofounder Start Virtual

“And then what should you be doing in your text message marketing to actually generate those leads?”

“So it’s like the things to say, the templates to use, the numbers to show what success looks like. Like what KPIs you should be measuring. And what if they’re off, what if you’re not hitting them, how do you adjust your strategy?” Cody explains.

Limitless Lead Flow has everything you need to generate nonstop leads and build a predictable REI business.

It’s a system worth millions of dollars not just because of the earning potential but the time it’ll save you.

It’s for the guy whose wife is mad at him for attending all those seminars and buying all those courses and not having anything to show for it; and it’s for the gal who’s doing deals and making money but she can’t get off the treadmill or it all dries up.

After 21 minutes the pitch ends.

I didn’t hear one thing that made me believe Cody knows more about lead generation than your typical marketer. I’m not saying he doesn’t. I’m saying if he does, I didn’t hear it.

The sales page isn’t much help.

Something about getting access to all of Cody’s lead-getting strategies, scripts, forms, and automations.

All that for the low low price of just $997.

“What a way to get into real estate and make income right away,” reads a text-only testimonial from a Benjamin Martinez Jr. “I’ve made $22,500 so far!”

Then there’s a Heather Witzig who says she did two deals for a little over $27k in profit, with zero money out of pocket.

And that’s all they got.

I’m still nowhere close to being sold on this.

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