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Millionaire Consulting Review (Bastiaan Slot)

7 Figure Consulting

Bastiaan Slot doesn’t consider himself a marketing guru or simply a coach who coaches coaches. In 2018, while working at a supermarket, he began building a social media marketing agency on the side. Only after successfully growing that did he pivot to consulting. First through Agency Cultivation, where he showed others how he got to 6-figures in his agency. Then through Millionaire Consulting, where he now helps other experts surpass $100k a month in income.

The coaching space is constantly evolving. You have to pay attention to what the top few players in your niche are doing, Bas says. What’s their offer? Where are they getting their traffic? What’s their funnel look like? How much are they charging? Is there any sort of guarantee? How are they closing their sales? How much social proof do they have? Right? And then you wanna be a little bit better in every area. Or else you’re always gonna be fighting over the scraps, aren’t ya?

“And so if you’re a coach in the health space, the mindset space, a business coach, whatever it is,” Bastiaan says, “you wanna make sure you have competition awareness; you’re understanding people’s reaction on the sales call, collecting their feedback; and then also, you wanna make sure that people are really excited about the offer. So that’s really number one. What you must have in place if you really want to stay in the game long-term, right? So then what’s number two?”

“No surprise here,” Bas continues, “it’s making sure that you get your clients results. And this has always been at the core of the coaching industry, because that’s all coaching is is providing someone with a transformation. But you have to make sure your clients are getting results. Other than that, it’s also important to keep things really simple. Because when you scale, like say from zero to $50k per month, you don’t need more than two people on your sales team. A closer and a setter and that’s it.”

Bastiaan With Dog

“And then maybe you have an operations person on the back-end, and then yourself, if you’re doing the coaching, right?” Bas says. “So you’re keeping it simple, but then you have to keep it that way when you go from $50k to $100 grand a month. Because most people just start hiring like crazy. A part-time person here, a part-time person there. Some weekend help. Whatever. But what you really wanna have is A-players that commit full-time and you keep your team small and simple and have great communication and establish more loyalty.”

From there, you gotta lead by example. If you want your team to perform at a high level, you better do the same. And you better do it in a way that excites and inspires them. Also, trust these days is harder to come by. Your audience thinks everything’s a scam. So you need to understand how to position and market yourself as a legitimate brand with plenty of positive reviews and testimonials and case studies. Use your organic content to achieve this, and then paid traffic to keep the pipeline full, recommends Bas.

Then he leverages a free Facebook Group and a low-ticket offer to warm people up enough to consider his mack daddy offer, Millionaire Consulting. It consists of systems, strategies, infrastructure, and one-on-one support. Choose between the 6-month option (cost: $42,000) or the 12-month option (cost: 75,000). Enrollment is by application only. Bastiaan follows his own advice and showcases a nice collection of student wins. But god, you’d hope so for that kinda money. Too pricey for me.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.