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Beach Boss Influencers Review


Beach Boss Influencers can teach you how to build a team fast, without bugging friends and family. Brandy Shaver, Cari Higham, Fran Loubser, Kat Krasilnikoff, and Adrian Lindeen are the network marketers behind it. They sell a variety of different eBooks, courses, and coaching programs that cost anywhere from a few bucks to a few thousand. Wanna know their advice on using your personal brand to become a top earner? Read on for my full review.

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If you’re not telling everyone about your products and your comp plan all the time, how’ll you grow your income, right? Step one, Adrian says, is to identify your perfect audience. Who are these people? How old are they? What do they currently do for work? Are they married? Do they have kids? What are their problems? Passions? What motivates them? You have to think through all this, get a visual in your mind, because not everybody is your perfect prospect.

“If you spend your time talking to a lot of people that aren’t the right fit for your product, for your company? Then you’re gonna spend a lot of time getting rejected. So we found a great way to use social media, to use your personal brand, to connect with those perfect people, okay? And when you connect with those perfect people online, they can relate to you. So they’re more likely to follow you, engage with you, and see you as that trusted advisor,” Adrian explains.

The goal is to build a base of people around you. Not your products, not your company, not your opportunity or your upline or your downline. And you’re a source of value, so these perfect peeps will follow you wherever you go, be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, doesn’t matter. Now you need to build a relationship with ’em, right? So that’s step two. And just like in the real world, strong relationships take time to build, don’t they? Therefore, you gotta think long-term.


Go check out their content. Watch their stories, like their stuff, leave genuine, heartfelt comments. Give first, receive second, right? Then the second half of it, of course, is to put out your content. Inspire them, educate them, make them laugh, share tips, go live, entertain them. If you do what most MLMers do, and just post about your products and your company, you’re gonna come off spammy and it’s gonna be a huge turnoff. So put some thought and effort into it, okay?

And if you do so consistently, over time, you’ll build influence. And once you have that, guess what? You can now start asking for what you want. Like, now you can go live (once in a while) and talk about how a product changed your life for the better, and ask ’em to comment below if they’d like that same result. You’ve earned the right, at this point, and you’re doing it in a non-spammy, non-salesy way, to a group of people who already know, like, and trust you.

And some of them are gonna buy. And it won’t be because of the ingredients in the skin cream or the science behind it or because your company donates to Charity XYZ, like so many networkers think. Nobody cares about that stuff. All they care about is, “Do I like this person? And do I believe what they’re telling me?” And the answer to both will be yes if you nail your personal branding online. Check out Beach Boss Influencers and their courses to learn more.

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