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Digital Upline Review (Adam Chandler)

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Adam Chandler claims he can help you recruit 15 to 25 excited new distributors every month without “charity sales” from friends and family. Is his so-called “upside down” enrollment method really the fastest way to rank advance? Should you download his free Downline Accelerator Playbook? What’s the catch? What’s he selling? How much does it cost? Read on for my Digital Upline review.

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Adam Chandler has been doing this for a while now. He’s made multiple six figures in numerous companies. Last year alone he did over $800,000 in sales. His goal is to uplevel the entire network marketing industry; to take you from unwanted pest to welcomed guest. So no more spamming the internet or leeching off of your warm market or meeting strangers at Starbucks. Adam knows a better way.

Adam believes you can go from under $5,000 a month all the way up to $20,000 or $30,000 a month in just a few months using his virtual selling system. And it doesn’t involve cranking out content all day or building complicated marketing funnels or bait-and-switching clueless prospects. So what is it? Well, you stop marketing to everyone and you speak only to your ideal enrollees. Instead of trying to make a quick buck, you think long-term and build assets that product cashflow. You ditch the company-replicated site for your own. And you promote yourself, not the opportunity.

This new model is more enjoyable, profitable, and stable Adam says. From here on out, every post, every ad, every email you put out should cater to your perfect prospect’s number one problem. Each piece of content drives them to a 10- to 15-minute video that explains how your product or program solves it. You hop on the phone with those who are qualified and want your help, and sign up roughly a third of them. At least, that’s how Adam tells it.


Worried your content won’t convert? Don’t be. Adam gives you high-converting presentation templates and access to his outsourcing team to help create your sales assets. They’ll also help you with the techie stuff like lead capture pages, setting up your call calendar, automated email follow-ups, and so on. In the end, you’ll have an automated, self-filtering funnel powered by traffic from LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Results become consistent and predictable. Scaling is simply a matter of turning up the traffic dial. You’ll save time and energy by only speaking to the most qualified candidates. And of course, you’ll make more money. Adam’s Digital CoPilot CRM System will keep you organized and efficient. His sales scripts will make you confident on the phone. There’s even a membership site template you can self-brand and use to train your growing downline. Nothing has been left to chance.

To get all the above and work with Adam and his Digital Upline team, he asks you to book a Marketing Game Plan Consultation call. At the end of that call, no doubt they try to sell you a $10,000+ coaching slash software package. Verdict? Hard pass, for one reason and one reason only: multilevel marketing is not the way. You could do all of these things Adam was preaching about for a real business that actually adds value to those who are spending money with you. MLM will never be stable or long-term. Not to mention, it’s embarrassing to even be associated with. Why not create something you’re proud of?

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