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Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review


Vlad Biaheza, who goes by his last name online (@Biaheza), is a YouTuber who makes content on ecom, NFTs, crypto, and other side hustles. He sells a course that shows exactly how he started a multi-million dollar business from his bedroom via Shopify dropshipping. It’s simply called Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course. Cost to enroll is $294. Is it worth buying? Or would you be better off doing a different business model? Read on.

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“Two years ago, I started this drop shipping course,” Biaheza says. “I wanted to reveal my personal ecom strategies. People bought it, loved it, and I’m still getting DMs from people sending me Shopify sale screenshots from how much they’ve been able to make. All because of that first course. Version 1.0 focused on dropshipping using Facebook ads and Instagram theme pages. But now, two years later, Facebook ads have gotten strict and more expensive, and Instagram theme pages don’t work as well.”

“But the good news, and the crazy paradox here, is that it’s actually easier to get into dropshipping now than it has been at any point in like the last three years. All thanks to the unforeseen rise of TikTok. I wholeheartedly believe we are currently in the golden age of TikTok ads. They’re still new, cheap, untapped, easy to use, but they’ve just been around long enough to where there’s users and the ad platform and algorithm is advanced enough to where you can use it to get sales.”

“I mean, it’s the Wild West. It’s like using Facebook ads in 2016, 2017. It’s a huge opportunity. Now as time goes on I’m sure TikTok ads will get more expensive and strict and regulated, but for now, again, it’s kind of that perfect golden period of time for TikTok dropshipping. And given my course has always targeted complete beginners, I sat down and spent a month structuring, filming, and editing this all-new course that’s focused on TikTok dropshipping. And I truly believe it’s the best way to get into ecommerce today.”


Given the lower price point, is this the type of course where you log in and it’s just a bunch of fluff and mindset tips and then you’re asked to upgrade to the “advanced training” for another $3,000? Absolutely not, Biaheza assures us. “There’ll be none of that. All this course is is a very technical, step-by-step guide on how to actually start a dropshipping business on TikTok in the current climate. It’s you just sitting there, looking over my shoulder as I create a real, live dropshipping store that we actually run.”

Biaheza covers what types of products actually sell; how to find them “in the wild” or with special software; how to create a clean, professional-looking Shopify store; branding best practices; where you go to get content for your TikTok ads; the type of ad that’ll convert the best for you; how to market organically on TikTok; how to set up social media pages for your new store; and more. Then, at the end, Biaheza actually launches, live, and generates $1,019.56 in revenue, profitably, right outta the gate.

What better way to prove this works, right now, today, than to turn the training into a living, breathing case study? Love it. Arguably the best drop shipping course format I’ve reviewed so far. And certainly the most competitively priced. If you wanna learn the new way to dropship, seems like a safe bet. That said? I think dropshipping, at best, will be a short-term side hustle. It’s not a sustainable business. It changes too fast and you’re always at the mercy of Shopify, your supplier, and the ad platform you’re using to drive traffic.

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