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How To Start A Dropshipping Business


Vivek Rama made twenty K in one week using Shopify dropshipping. It wasn’t an overnight success; he’s been drop shipping for years. Runs multiple stores. Admits it’s a lot harder than most YouTubers make it seem. In fact, that twenty K week was his personal best. Most weeks aren’t that big. That said, V knows what he’s doing, and these are the steps he suggests you take to start your own dropshipping business. Scroll down, keep reading.

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“I feel like a lot of people overcomplicate the process of dropshipping,” Vivek says. “So I’m gonna break it down into three steps that are very simple and easy to understand. Whether you’re just getting into dropshipping or you’ve been dropshipping for years, I guarantee you you’re about to learn something. Step one is to find a product. The key to this step is to not find a product that you want. Sounds weird, but don’t think about you; find a product your sister, your mom, your uncle, your neighbor would buy online.”

“Obviously you wanna find a supplier after that,” he continues. “The most common place people do this is AliExpress, Alibaba, but there’s also other dropshipping websites out there. After you have your product you wanna build your store. This is a very simple step. There’s lots of YouTube videos on how to build a Shopify store. But the key is you wanna build a brand around your product or products. That’s what really gives consumers trust when they buy from your website. Nice logo, nice landing page, something that looks like an actual business.”

“Step three, the final step, is to market your store. In simple terms, you wanna get people on your website who you think would buy your product. In today’s day and age there are so many ways you can do this. We have apps like TikTok where you can make organic content and get hundreds and thousands of views. You could run ads on Facebook or Instagram. Another thing people do is buy shout-outs from Instagram pages. For this store that did twenty K in one week, I did a little bit of everything.”

Drop Ship From Anywhere

For Vivek, nothing really popped off, though, till he set up Google search ads. That’s when almost the entire twenty grand came in. Having spent about seven grand on those ads, that’s about thirteen K left. Minus cost of goods sold (about eight grand), equals a net profit of five grand during that one week stretch. Not bad. Keep that up for an entire month, that’s twenty Gs in his pocket. Do it for an entire year, and that’s a quarter million, take home, as a dropshipper. Probably more than the average doctor makes, right?

Vivek’s secret sauce is leveraging Google Trends to cash in on exploding demand. Before you launch, go on there and do some due diligence. What’s the interest like for the product(s) you’re considering? Toggle the date ranges from short-term to long-term to see the big picture. The better you can time a product that’s just breaking out, the easier it’ll be to sell. But therein lies the problem with drop shipping, too. Fidget spinners, for example, were hot for like a few months, then they weren’t.

So to me, it seems like you’ll always be waiting for that perfect wave. And what if, when it comes, you don’t even get up? Or what if you do but then a hundred other surfers join ya, and one of ’em slams into ya and knocks you down and you swallow a bunch of saltwater? That’s exactly what happened to Vivek with that particular product. Ended up being a one-week wonder because as soon as more experienced dropshippers caught on, they swooped in and stole all the market share. Want a more stable way to make extra money? See below.

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