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Should I Do High-Ticket Sales?

High Income Skill Selling

Should you become a big-ticket phone closer? Eight figure sales trainer Cole Gordon sure thinks so. It’s how he made his first ten grand online, and he grew it to forty K a month not long after. Even if your long-term goal is to have your own business, he’d recommend starting with phone sales. It’s faster and less risky and it’s a skill you can make money with for life. Granted, Cole’s biased since he’s trying to get you to buy his Remote Closing Academy course, right?

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So what’s the truth? Probably somewhere in the middle. Clearly, high-ticket selling is real, it’s in-demand, and there’s good money to be made if a lot of things go right. And I agree with Cole; it’s a great way to transition from employee to entrepreneur without having to learn and do all the things that running your own business requires. You might end up saving yourself a lot of time and money and stress. I’m not against you doing it, but I do wanna point a few things out.

Here’s what’s not so great about high-ticket sales. Number one, you only have partial control of your time. It’s a little more flexible than a job, but let’s face it, you’re still trading time for money. If you’re not on the phone, closing, you ain’t getting paid, are ya? Number two, you’re still answering to someone. Sure, maybe it’s not a boss per se, and maybe it’s a little more laid-back interacting with them, but whoever you’re selling for is still in charge. They call the shots, not you.

Number three, it’s really freaking hard to find good clients to sell for. Meaning, a good person, who you like and respect. With a great course or coaching program that actually gets people results. That’s priced five K or more. That pays fifteen or twenty percent, minimum. That’s proven, that’s already selling well. Where they have lots of calls being booked, consistently. And those leads are properly screened and qualified and showing up to the call ready and able to buy, right?

High Ticket Remote Closer

Which brings me to number four. Even if you’re fortunate enough to work with such a client, there’s a really high turnover rate in the high-ticket coaching and consulting space. Offers are hot for a minute, then they die out. Or the guru gets their Facebook ad account shut down and the leads dry up. Or they go, “You know what? Screw it, I’m over this. I’m gonna take my millions and go flip NFTs. Bye.” Or they get a bunch of competitors copying them verbatim and lose precious market share.

Number five, the numbers are never as good as Cole makes them seem. Take a few calls a day, close forty percent of them, pocket eight, nine hundred bucks a sale, jump right to ten, twenty K a month, right? Yeah, no. Highly doubt it. What’s more realistic is you have five calls scheduled today. Two no-show, one reschedules, one gal’s dead-broke, and the last guy wants to start next month, right? But you work your magic and get him to limp in on a five hundred dollar a month pay plan.

Congratulations, you made seventy-five bucks. Maybe tomorrow will be better. From my experience, that’s a much more accurate day-in-the-life of a high-ticket closer. And sure, once in a while you’ll have those dream days, but they’re the exception, not the rule. Then, last but not least, number six is, Cole and company never talk about refunds and chargebacks, do they? Because, like it or not, they’re gonna happen from time to time; and it’s gonna come outta your next check.

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