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Private Label Squad Review (Ralph Boddicker)


Ralph Boddicker is an Amazon FBA mentor and the founder of Private Label Squad. Before that, he worked in corporate America, selling mortgages to people who were either buying a home or refinancing their current one. When he started his family, he decided he needed something with more stability, more control. So he got into private label, selling various products on Amazon, growing that business to over $20,000 per month. People noticed, began asking him for help.

“So I made this Private Label Squad course, which teaches you how to build an Amazon business step by step, from A to Z, that is similar to my business but avoiding all the pitfalls that I went through in the beginning,” Ralph says. “And believe me, there is a lot of those. My hope is that I can help hundreds if not thousands of people to create their own successful online business, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. Now, as I mentioned before, I generate $20,000 per month selling on Amazon.”

“Which is one of the reasons I feel qualified to teach you how to build a private label business that sells to the massive customer base on Amazon,” he continues. “But, I wanna point out that the average Amazon seller might only make between $5- and $10,000 per month selling on Amazon. However, most Amazon sellers don’t have the blueprint that I’ll be sharing in this course. Right? So hopefully I’ll help you become an above average Amazon seller. But even if you do only make $5- to $10k a month, that’s still double the average U.S. salary.”

Hold up. Dude’s definitely not giving off guru vibes, but c’mon Ralph, the average Amazon FBA seller makes nothing, as with any side hustle. And that 10% or so who do reach $5- to $10k a month in sales? Well, keep in mind, only a sliver of that’s profit. “Either way,” he continues, “that’s a nice income to have on the side. And I can guarantee you’ve probably had a 6- or 7-figure business idea already. Whether that’s a product, a service, or a skill. But you didn’t have the confidence or know-how to sell it; or you did, but you couldn’t scale it.”


Worried you’re too late to the game? That Amazon’s already saturated? That you’re not qualified to build your own private label brand? Join the club, says Ralph. He had all the same concerns and insecurities and what ifs and yeah buts, but he did it anyway. Launched his first product, had immediate success, kept learning, kept launching, kept winning. Time and time again, he’s managed to achieve high sales velocity, great customer feedback, great reviews, and an overall strong brand that can branch out.

“Even if you don’t have a great product idea, you will learn how to do your own product research,” Ralph says. “I will teach you how to do that. Just think how your friends and family will react when you tell them you’re making $10,000 a month selling items like, I dunno, silverware or a back scratcher. The product line on Amazon can literally be anything as long as the profit margin is there. That’s why I created this course. To give you the exact blueprint you need to succeed, while cutting your learning curve in half.”

Ralph wins me back when he stresses that this ain’t gonna be easy. There’s gonna be lots of learning, lots of hard work, you’ll hit some speed bumps, but he’ll be there, guiding you, keeping you moving forward, holding you accountable. Ralph believes his training is better thought out, better organized, more thorough, and more streamlined than other private label courses. Should you buy it? Maybe. Or maybe you should compare it to what we do first—see what ya like better. Tap below.

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