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Private Label Liberation Review (Joey C)

Joey AMZ Course

Joey C, from Private Label Liberation, can show ya how to find simple products that make $11,981 per month on Amazon using his so-called Diamond Mine Method. Look, if we learned anything from companies like Blockbuster, Kmart and Sears, Joey says, it’s that, if you don’t pivot and get with the times, you will get left behind. It’s the digital age. We can now reach millions of buyers, all over the world, with just a few clicks. This is where the opportunity is.

No need to wake up early or commute to an office and sit in some cubicle for 10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Nope. Just turn your laptop into a money machine that spits out profits even when you’re not working. Joey believes selling simple, everyday products on Amazon is the most logical way to do that. As for Joey, he’s just your average guy who loves sports, being outside, spending time with friends and family, and v-neck tees, apparently. Oh, and he’s a seven-figure seller on Amazon, almost forgot.

Although, he admits, he only pockets about 33% of every dollar he makes. Joey’s not about to shoot videos in front of rented mansions or pepper his Instagram with photos of sports cars to trick you into thinking you’re gonna get rich overnight. Still, he spends half his presentation doing what every guru does: telling you how bad it sucks to bust your butt at a nine-to-five, hoping for a big enough raise each year to keep up with inflation. Gee, Joey, we hadn’t noticed. But now that you mention it, you’re right.

You wouldn’t happen to know of a better way, would you? “Amazon private label,” Joey says. “This is the combination of private labeling and Fulfillment By Amazon, or FBA for short. So with private label, you can create your own brand of physical products. You work directly with a manufacturer from anywhere in the world, which allows us to get extremely low prices. We’re buying low and we’re selling high. And you don’t need to come up with the next big idea or create something completely from scratch.”


Instead, Joey explains, just find products already selling well on Amazon, slap your own label on it, out-market the competition, and let Amazon store it and ship it and handle all the customer support while you shop for Range Rovers and Birkin Bags. “All you need is one simple product to have people across the globe willingly paying you every single day,” Joey says. “They’re gonna buy something regardless, so why not have it be your product? But you don’t need to make all the mistakes I made when I started selling on Amazon.”

Joey lost $20,000 on a bad product, had listings taken down, and even got his entire account banned after following some poor advice. For three long years he was being force-fed failure, until, one day, he refused to take another bite. He had finally tweaked his approach to where it was profitable for just about every new product he launched. So he quit his job and started traveling the world with wifey. Whether they were at a luau in Maui or a cabin in Colorado, all Joey had to do was refresh his Amazon Seller Central account to see that the trip was being paid for.

Want Joey to teach you his Diamond Mine Method so you can dig up piping hot products other sellers are missing? And how he finesses his suppliers to drop the price per unit even lower than you’d find on Alibaba? And how to make your listings sparkle like fresh fallen snow? As well as other out of the box tips and tactics he’s figured out over the years, to give yourself an unfair advantage? If so, that’s what Joey’s Private Label Liberation coaching program is for. Cost? Like every other annoying funnel, you have to book a call to find out.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.