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Entertainment Entrepreneur Incubator Review

Theatrical Marketing Professional

Monica Hammond’s helped entertainment entrepreneurs double and even quadruple their business; and she wants to do the same thing for you. 

Or you could always just try to figure it out yourself.

But remember, she says, about 70% of small businesses vanish within five years. Why? It’s because they don’t have systems and processes in place for success. And they lack the support they need to see it through.

“So if you’re an entertainment professional with a side hustle, or an actual business, and you’re serious about scaling, listen up,” Monica says.

“Because I’m gonna tell you about my Entertainment Entrepreneur Incubator program, which will help you scale to 6-figures and generate income that can help you free yourself from a day job so that you can pursue your real passions. And, I don’t get paid unless you get paid,” she adds.

Okay, how does this work?

Whether you’re pre-revenue or already making money, Monica will install marketing, sales, and operational systems into your business so that it runs like a well-oiled machine.

“First,” Monica explains, “we focus on where your business is right now, and get crystal clear on your purpose, strategic anchors, and your targets.”

“Then we look forward three years from now and create a picture of where we’re headed and create our ‘how we get there’ plan.”

“From there, we create three different pillars to work from – with nine different initiatives in total, to focus on each quarter – to really help us get where we’re headed.”

“Finally, we’re gonna set up systems to track your progress monthly, to ensure that you’re hitting your benchmarks and progressing toward your goals,” Monica says, her jargon damn-near putting me to sleep.

Once everything’s in place, her Incubator will support you via weekly coaching sessions, twice weekly office hours, and 24/7 access to the community forum.

So there’s no excuse. Not only will you know exactly what you should be doing at all times, but every question and concern and challenge that presents itself can be addressed, immediately, by the Big Leap Brands team.

Davenport Theatrical

How can Monica afford to pour this much time and energy into your business? Doesn’t she have her own entertainment business to run?

“It’s because, when you’re an Incubator member,” she says, “your business literally is my business. So let me explain how that works.”

“Right now,” she continues, “I work with a few 6-figure, almost 7-figure businesses, on an equity partnership model. Where I’m almost like their CMO. Or I act as their marketing agency. So this type of work, it’s really labor intensive.”

“My team and I get in there and we do a lot of the implementation, on top of all the strategy. In exchange for this, I get around 20-40% of their sales, right?”

“But right now, I’m not taking on any more partners at this level. I just can’t. Like I said, it’s very labor intensive. But I found that there are so many entertainment entrepreneurs out there who need my help and guidance; they need this marketing and business support. And so I didn’t wanna just turn people away.”

“So the Entertainment Entrepreneur Incubator is a way for me to bring my marketing expertise over the last decade, and bringing that to entrepreneurs like you – but without having to take a massive cut of your business or charge you tens of thousands of dollars up front. Right?”

“But that means that the execution is all on you. But I’m investing in you by providing all my resources and guidance, in exchange for a 15% cut of your sales during the duration of our work together,” Monica finally admits.

Oh, and she wants a $2,500 advance on that commission owed.

So it’s kinda like you’re paying for a course and giving up equity. Which I would never do. But I also don’t vibe with this chick at all.

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