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Kingdom Business Incubator Review (Paul Bocco)

Paul Bocco

Paul Bocco says you shouldn’t mistake the business model as being more important than your mindset. If your mind is right, you can be successful at pretty much anything you do. The Bible says that whatever we put our hands to prospers. “So, you have to understand, He wants you wealthy,” Paul explains, “and that’s financially, that’s maritally, that’s relationally, that’s health, that’s peace, joy, that’s impact. You’re His ambassador. For goodness sakes, you’re His ambassador.” Scroll down for my full review of the Christian Business Incubator.

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“The Bible flows through the brain,” Paul continues. “It flows through the six inches between your ears. And He tells us that. ‘Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renovation of your mind that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God in your life.’ Proving, means manifesting into reality. Will of God, is His plan for you. And if he doesn’t force Jesus on his, he’s certainly not gonna force his plan for you.”

You need to step up, have some backbone, Paul adds. Operate in faith and obedience. Apply the owner’s manual for life. If you can’t do these things, you will fail. And God will just move on to the next person. You’re going to die and get to heaven and it’s going to be sad because there’s going to be all these things stored up for you that you never received. All because you were a wimp. Don’t let that happen. Give yourself a kick in the butt. Work the mindset.

Paul sells a program called the Christian Business Incubator (or CBI for short). In addition to helping you with your mindset, the CBI provides you with a business model (virtual real estate investing) and mentorship so you can begin earning money online. “We’ve structured the Incubator to not only give you the best blueprint, but also help you equip your mindset to be strong and rugged and grow. And then the mentoring is really an amplification for your mindset,” Paul says.


CBI is a six module video course. Access the training anytime, anywhere, from any device. Go at your own pace. Paul has built in accountability checkpoints to ensure you stay on track. No fluff. Just a few simple steps is all that stands between you and a digital business that can do as much as twenty grand a month, Paul says. You’ll be calling back interested prospects, doing virtual showings, making offers, getting signed memos, sourcing experts to find tenants and attorneys to close deals.

“It’s that simple,” Paul says. “Most people complicate things. Wealth is not complicated. You make money thinking. You want to play chess while everybody else is playing checkers.” Paul has scripts, swipes, and text blasts you can plug into. His team will even hop on calls with you, if need be, to make sure you crush it. The bottom line is this: if you can read from a piece of paper, you can be a millionaire with this business model.

The awesome thing about real estate is you get high dollars per transaction. With just one or two deals a month, you could hit that ten, fifteen, twenty grand a month mark. If you survey wealthy people, real estate is one of the main ways they’ve created their wealth. Paul will show you which markets to go into, how to hire inexpensive virtual assistants to handle the repetitive stuff, he provides you with e-signature agreements, everything. To find out how much the Kingdom Business Incubator costs, book a call with someone on the Christian Entrepreneur Inc team.

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