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GrowthDay Review (Brendon Burchard)


Brendon Burchard believes the number one thing you need to have more happiness, more abundance, more health, more joy, confidence, love, or momentum in your life are more growth days. More of those days where you just crush it that day. You show up feeling alive, energized, focused. You go through the day in a state of flow. Confident. Contributing your best. Treating people well. More of those days where you are your absolute best. Can GrowthDay help? Read on for my review.

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Winning the day is hard. “We all know that we need to be on our A-game. We all know that we need to commit to our personal development. Do the work. Set our mindset. Practice the routines. And yet, it’s so easy to have so many down days,” Brendon said. “It’s easy to lose momentum and lose track of ourselves when the world is so uncertain and there’s so much fear and vitriol out there.”

“So we have to learn. And we have to be around a community that keeps us on our track to living our purpose and being our best selves; and that is why I started GrowthDay,” he continued. “I really believe we all want more of those days of growth, but to get them, we need better coaching, better tools, and better community.”

Enter GrowthDay. A brand new self-improvement platform where Brendon has brought together the world’s best personal development teachers, trainers, and coaches to help you level up. To help you reach more of those growth days. To encourage you. To equip you with new frameworks for living. To optimize how you think and the routines that run your day.


How does GrowthDay work? On the first day of every month, Brendon hosts a live two hour personal development seminar where he’ll teach you how to win that particular month. He’ll help you set your goals and network with other high-achievers from around the world. Brendon’s a big believer in, if you win the first day of the month, you win the month; if you win the month, you win the year; if you win the year, you win the decade. So this live session is the first big domino that needs tipped over.

Then, throughout the month, Brendon brings in all of his friends in the self-help space. People who can really inspire you, keep you encouraged; they’re pros at human behavior change. They’re not theorists, they’re not just academics. They do the work, and they’ve been doing the work in the marketplace for decades. So if Brendon’s not your guy, there’s a nice diversity of other coaches (who will go live throughout the month) who you may resonate with more.

How much does GrowthDay cost? You’ve got two options. You can sign up for a free 14 day trial; after that, it’s $49.99 per month. Or you can save 50% with their Pro Plan, which is $299 per year. You also get a $200 Self-Mastery course thrown in as a free bonus if you pay annually. Cancel anytime. Replays are available if you can’t make the live seminars which are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM PST. GrowthDay has their own private support community and an app in the works.

I don’t think it’s a bad offer, but my inner cynic wonders how much your life will really improve from a bunch of generic rah-rah sessions held over Zoom. I prefer to buy courses and coaching that help you master a specific skillset for a specific goal. That’s just me though.

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