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Burn Notice Alerts Review (Jeff Zananiri)

Jeff Zananiri Podcast

Jeff Zananiri from WealthPress claims the big banks and the hedge funds on Wall Street have a major weakness. And when you discover how to exploit it, you can unlock one of the easiest and most consistent ways to make money with the stock market. In his YouTube ad, he tells you to click and download his free report. Inside, he’ll reveal how you could pocket up to three thousand four hundred and six dollars on one simple trade in less than a day’s time. Skeptical? So am I. Read on for my Burn Notice review.

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The secret, Jeff explains, is what he likes to call the “burn window.” Apparently, every day, around three o’clock, Wall Street starts selling some of their best stocks, closing out their positions. Why would they do this? It’s simple. They need to free up cash in order to cover their losing positions. Not long ago, you might remember, this happened on a massive scale when the hedge fund Melvin Capital sold a ton of stock to protect against their GME short position.

“Now it might seem like GME was the most exciting play back then,” Jeff continues, “and you might even be kicking yourself for missing out on the meteoric surge. But in reality, most retail investors went in with blind faith and got stuck holding the bag. And then GME came back down to earth. That said, if you grab my free report, I’ll show you how to use the burn window to potentially unlock steady gains from the stock market with very little risk.”

Jeff says the burn window happens every single day, but you don’t need extraordinary events like the GME rally to set it off. Each day, around three p.m., big hedge funds and banks take positions that they need to cover, they need to blow out of. So they begin selling assets to free up cash to do so. What’s the best thing to sell if you want to cover losses? The easy and obvious answer is to sell your winning positions. No-brainer.

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Thing is, these are trades they would have liked to stay in. A negative pressure on these good stocks is created. Price per share gets forced down. To the average investor, it looks as though these stocks are plummeting. Yet, they almost always correct, and come up, the following morning. Which is your golden ticket, Jeff says. “If you can spot the stocks being burned and get in before the market closes, you can potentially collect steady, very predictable gains the very next morning.”

Jeff’s happy to teach you exactly what you need to be looking for, how to capitalize on these super simple trades. You’ll know when to cash out for maximum profit. So instead of making a measly twelve-point-five percent on Etsy, you could enjoy huge overnight winners like a hundred and twenty-six percent with Facebook. Or a gargantuan two hundred and forty-six percent with NTES. One grand could’ve turned into nearly thirty-five hundred while you slept.

That’s the kind of steady extra income that allows you to pay off credit card debt, take a big bite out of your mortgage, or quickly boost your retirement savings. If you snag Jeff’s free report, at the end, he’ll pitch you his Burn Notice Alerts program. You’ll get two hundred burn notices per year, minimum. Plus a bunch of bonuses. The cost is one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollars. You can add a second year for five hundred more. I wouldn’t buy anything WealthPress sells. All hype, no help.

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