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Malls: Death Of Retail Review (Chance Welton)

Death Of Retail Chance

Chance Anthony Welton always makes an entertaining ad. In this one, which he and Abdul are running on YouTube, he comes to you from the great outdoors. Tattered Patagonia hat, manly beard, looks as if he just got done wrestling a bear. Then, to my surprise, he starts talking about malls, of all things. He says every time you drive by one that’s empty or abandoned, he wants you to envision king kong-sized dollar signs. I’m listening. Go on.

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Out of the ashes of all these mall closures, a once in a lifetime opportunity is rising up. For you, it’s a chance to start a simple passive income stream that allows you to be free. All over America malls and retail stores are going out of business. Sad as it is, it’s also giving way to a modern-day gold rush. Not too many people know about it. Not yet anyway. It has zero to do with Amazon or Shopify. That ship has sailed.

This little-known, ready-to-explode opportunity is projected to bring in over four hundred billion dollars of new money. Decades of growth will happen in the span of a few short months. So what is it? Sending web traffic to digital malls. Luckily for you, Chance and Abdul have already mastered this skill. They’ve been doing it for the last five years.

“We set up these simple online ads for these business owners to bring visitors to their online malls and get paid from them month after month,” Chance explains. The reason they will gladly pay for this service is because they will make your fee back multiple times over. One of their Modern Millionaire members makes thirty-five hundred a month running a simple little Instagram ad that makes his client forty-four thousand back.

Chance Welton Malls

Today, Chance and Abdul are multi-millionaires. All because they tapped into the power of digital ads serving online malls. “These online malls need someone who can help them bring in online traffic, because when you help an online mall bring in customers and tens of thousands of dollars worth of sales each month? They will happily pay you two, three, four, even five grand or more for your effort.”

It’s a no-brainer. And once you have a few clients, it’s easy to cross that coveted ten grand a month mark. Say hello to six figures. Inside Modern Millionaires, they’ve streamlined the setup process too. Get a client. Select the most appropriate ad and funnel template. Tweak it to your liking. Launch it. Then sit back and enjoy the proceeds from your new virtual ATM machine. Or get outside like Chance. Go skiing, hiking, mountain climbing. You can run everything right from your iPhone.

This works for regular people. You don’t have to be a tech genius or some whiz kid. You don’t need a ton of free time. No prior experience. They’ll get you trained up and give you the software, tools, and assets you need to win with this business model. The only downside is cost. In addition to the seven grand Modern Millionaire charges to enroll in their course, you’ll need some extra for Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads. Of course, once you land a high-paying client, you can use that income to cover ads going forward. Or check out our workaround below.

ALTERNATIVE: Do The Same Thing But With Free Traffic

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