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LeBron ATM Ad Review (Abdul, Chance)

Lebron ATM Ad

Abdul Farooqi knows how to make celebrity money without being a celebrity. In his latest YouTube ad, he uses LeBron James as an example. Contrary to what most people think, he does not make the majority of his money playing basketball. Rather, he uses a simple and unique method that is available to everyone, including you. Taylor Swift uses it. So do the Kardashians. Kanye West. The list goes on. And as long as you have a camera or a smartphone, you can join them. Scroll down to find out what it is.

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Abdul calls it the ATM Method. ATM stands for Attention To Monetization. Back to LeBron. The way he captures attention is through basketball. Yes basketball pays him well but where he makes the big bucks is through advertisements. Namely, Nike. But lots of other stuff too. There’s Beats headphones. Walmart. GMC. Heck, even pizza commercials you might have seen. Again, attention first, monetization second.

What about the Kardashians? They’re amazing at doing this as well. Everyone tunes in to their reality TV show. Next thing you know, they’re buying makeup from Kylie and shapewear from Kim. Chance and Abdul have been modeling these celebrities for years. They set up simple little ads, like the YouTube one I’m critiquing here, capture attention, and then turn it into money by selling the leads to business owners.

This turns into recurring monthly income for Abdul and Chance. Now that they have templated everything out, they can onboard new clients in a matter of minutes. Once they hit go, the ads will run, hands-free, for as long as the client stays on. That’s the essence of their Modern Millionaire coaching program: turning attention into money while you’re free to do whatever you want with your days.

Chance And Abdul Mastermind

“All the while, these business owners happily pay us month after month,” Abdul reiterates. “When you click the link in this ad, my business partner Chance and I will show you how the ATM business model works. Right from our laptops. I’ll show you the exact methods that made us millionaires within three years. And how you can copy this model and follow in our footsteps.”

Abdul shows email notifications from his Stripe account from one such business owner that has been sending him a whopping nine thousand four hundred and fifty dollars every thirty days for nearly five years. That one client, alone, makes him a smidge over six figures a year. Crazy. But it’s not just Abdul and Chance who are succeeding with the ATM approach. Dozens of their students are too. A couple, Nancy and Jed, from the middle of nowhere, are now making seventeen grand a month from this ATM Method.

There’s Tyler, a U.S. Olympian, who was able to successfully build this business on the side of his rigorous training schedule. He hauls in north of twenty-seven thousand a month these days. He had zero prior experience, Abdul points out. The ATM Method is just that powerful. Attention To Monetization. Your key to semi-passive income from the comfort of your own home. From experience, I can tell you the man is not wrong. We do the same thing but use free search engine traffic. Check out the resource linked below if interested.

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