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Digital Landlord Review (Modern Millionaire)

Digital Landlord YouTube

Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton cofounded a brand called The Modern Millionaires. They sell an Officeless Agency masterclass for a little less than ten bucks. Once you buy that, they try to upsell you their main course for seven thousand dollars. After that, I’ve heard they have a mastermind you can join for an additional thirty grand. What could they possibly teach for that kind of money? Why do so many people call them scammers? Let’s go through their latest YouTube ad together and try to get some answers.

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Abdul explains how regular landlords have to chase people down for rent and evict old “cat ladies.” Their day-to-day is no fun. They’re always in a bad mood. Then there’s him and Chance. They’re way more zen. And for good reason. They’re laptop landlords. Like traditional landlords, they too pocket passive income each month. But without the aggravations, the clogged toilets, the emergency phone calls, the missed payments.

The properties they rent out are one hundred percent digital. No bricks, no mortar, no need for massive up front money. Even better, your tenants (small business owners) pay you between two and five thousand dollars a month. Quite a bit more than you might get for a three bedroom house. But how does it work, exactly? “You get on your laptop, press a special sequence of keys, and you help these businesses unlock high value land on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google,” Abdul says.

“Then you go ahead and build them ads on that land. Simple little ads that blow up their phones with new clients and customers. The best part? You only have to do the setup work once, and month after month your tenants happily send you money. It’s semi-passive income without the headaches, hassles, and huge expenses of investing in real estate,” he adds.

Chance Abdul Laptops

Chance and Abdul have reportedly earned over seven-point-five million dollars working as laptop landlords over the past three years. “We set up simple ads that attract customers and create raging demand from business owners, and we get paid from them month after month,” Abdul reiterates. He then shows email notifications from his Stripe account, highlighting one such client that’s been paying him five thousand one hundred and fifty dollars a month for the last five months.

Next, he flashes supposed ads from current Modern Millionaire students. One is for a jewelry business. Another is for a hoodie business. A guy named Jason quit his job and is now doing fifteen K a month as a laptop landlord. Krista, a single mom, is making over eight K a month. More than thirty-eight hundred people have joined them already. Will you be next? Click the link and register for a one hundred percent free training, Abdul says, as the ad comes to a close.

Honestly, I thought this ad was pretty mild compared to some of their other ones. Not as much crazy income talk. I still think they have a tendency to oversimplify everything. I’d like to see them explain how they teach their members to land new clients. And address what could go wrong. I’d like to know how long a typical client stays on. What happens if they leave? What about rising ad costs? Facebook account bans? Just a little more balance would be nice. And they would have less haters, that’s for sure.

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