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Free House Formula Review (Cody Sperber)


Cody Sperber says the number one biggest lie about getting rich from real estate is that you have to start out rich. “It takes money to make money.” Wrong, wrong, wrong. According to the Clever Investor, you don’t need deep pockets or good credit. You just need his Free House Formula. Then you can own homes, in as little as thirty days, without spending so much as a dollar. Sound farfetched? I agree. But let’s hear him out. Scroll down for my Free House Formula review.

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With this, you make money just like a real estate investor, but without really investing at all. No banks, no credit checks, and it’s all completely legal and ethical. “You just get free houses and turn them into money in your pocket,” Cody laughs. They aren’t junk properties or money pit salvage deals either. It’s not flipping or wholesaling. Rather, you’re getting a high-value house that you can sell for an immediate payday, or that you can happily hold onto for a lifetime of cash flow and wealth creation.

The Free House Formula is based on a simple principle. Problem plus solution equals profit. What Cody’s mentor Lyle taught him back in the day is that there are homeowners everywhere who have come to see their home ownership as a problem. And sometimes their best solution is to give you the house for free. It’s all about the terms. Cody has three creative strategies he uses to structure win-win deals that are even more appealing than cash offers.

Cody will give you the tools and training you need to find motivated sellers. He’ll even tell the homeowner exactly why they should give you their house for free. You’ll also gain access to the nation’s premier deal network. “My Pro Community has thousands and thousands of real estate investors who would love to do these types of deals with you,” Cody says. Him being one of them.


“When you provide better solutions and you acquire properties for free, it’s not hard to make money,” Cody continues. “Look, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Most real estate investors don’t have a money problem, they have a creativity problem. And my Free House Formula gives you the creative solutions you need to get these deals done.”

“So you can get your first free house in as little as thirty days. And then get more free houses. And more free houses. And then you can make immediate profits by quick flipping the deals; you can make even bigger profits if you want to rehab and sell the houses; or you can do what I like to do: you can rent out the houses so you can make monthly cash flow. We’re talking real wealth. Generational wealth. The kind you can pass on to your kids some day.”

And you can feel good about it because you’re making life-changing money by helping out other people. Cody’s Free House Formula course breaks it all down so that anybody can do it. The cost is a one-time fee of $97. There’s a ninety day “success guarantee.” Concerns I would have: How many upsells will you be hit with once you purchase? Is this really beginner-friendly? Seems complex. How much will you have to spend on marketing and advertising to get in front of these motivated sellers? And won’t this make the already crowded REI space that much harder to do deals in?

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