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The Multifamily Masterplan Review (Jullien Gordon)


Jullien Gordon aka Mr. Multifamily started from a place of privilege. But to get where he is today, the son of two doctors had to break free from the middle class mindset he learned growing up. Even after getting his MBA from Stanford, he believes our education system is designed to make you a lifelong employee. And while we need employees, it’s dangerous having only one source of revenue. Not to mention, you’ll never truly be free working for the man.

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Jullien’s way out, as you know, was buying up multifamily homes. He bought his first three-family home in Brooklyn, New York. Since then, he’s never paid a housing expense in his life. Why? Because all of his mortgages are paid by his tenants. He currently has 30 doors (and counting) in his portfolio. Jullien still doesn’t consider himself a real estate mogul. More of an entrepreneur who dabbles in real estate.

Before starting his #MultifamilyMovement, he founded The Freedom School. It’s an online university that teaches people how to covert their intelligence into impact and income, and ultimately, build businesses that are bigger than themselves. Somehow he found time to write multiple books (his latest being Rich & Righteous), give a TED Talk, speak at dozens of colleges, launch a mastermind, and still put his wife and daughter first. The man is a manifesting machine.

But back to multifamily real estate. Why that as opposed to single family? Or fix and flips or wholesaling or even land, right? Jullien recommends starting there because there will always be people renting out homes. That means you’ll always have cash flow. Multi-family properties tend to be more affordable too. So cheaper cost of acquisition. And it’s less hassle. Instead of driving all over the city to manage, say, five different homes, you can manage five units under one roof. The tax advantages are cherries on top.


When you “buy right” with multifamily, Jullien can guarantee you’ll make millions over time. It’s the most proven form of real estate investing there is. Want help? That’s what The Multifamily Masterplan is for. It’s a three month experience where Jullien works with you so you can quickly buy your first multifamily home to achieve rent freedom (if you’re a renter) and/or residual income that covers other debts (be it mortgage, student loans, credit cards, medical bills, or anything else).

After completing the course, you’ll know how to buy multifamily homes with little-to-no money down; how to find great off-market deals with built-in cash flow and equity; how to do this in your own city or any other city, working remotely; how to negotiate as much as $35,000 off the asking price by the time you are ready to close; and so much more. You can attend weekly coaching calls with Jullien. You’ll get his Purchase Or Pass Deal Analyzer software, The Credit Etiquette course, and a ticket to Generational Wealth Con.

How much does The Multifamily Masterplan program cost? The everyday price is a one-time fee of $3,997, or you can do twelve monthly payments of $399. However, if you click on any of his ads, register for (and sit through) his webinar, you can get in the back door for just $1,497. I like it. I like Jullien, his story, his approach, even his offer. If I wasn’t so spoiled with digital real estate, I’d be all over it. To see why I say that, click the link below.

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