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Sales Career Accelerator Review (Caleb Maddix)

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Caleb Maddix has another opportunity for you. This one’s called Sales Career Accelerator. It’s for hungry sales pros who want to make $1,960 commissions closing people on the phone. Caleb says this new training and certification program is so good, he’ll guarantee you a new sales job within one day of joining. And if he doesn’t come through for you, he’ll pay you $2,500 just for wasting your time. Read on for my review.

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Why is Caleb Maddix qualified to teach you about sales? Well, by age 14, he claims to have closed over $200,000 worth of deals over the phone. By 16, that number jumped to $1,000,000. Today, he has used his sales skills to build multiple multi-seven figure companies, including on that’s valued at $15,000,000. He’s also become an international keynote speaker, charging as much as $60,000 for an hour-long speech. And he’s been seen on TV and featured in Forbes, HuffPost, and more.

In his video sales letter for Sales Career Accelerator, he asks you to imagine working when you want, where you want, selling top tier leads an irresistible program that pays you a hefty $1,960 per sale. And you could feel amazing knowing that what you’re selling is actually changing people’s lives. He then doubles down on his promise: Caleb Maddix will legally guarantee he can make all of that happen for you, within 24 hours, or he’ll personally pay you $2,500 for letting you down.

He goes on to say how he’s obsessed with making this dream scenario a reality for salespeople everywhere. “That’s why I cofounded the Sales Career Accelerator,” Caleb said, calling it, “the number one training platform, certification program, and career marketplace in the world for sales professionals.”


Caleb’s confidence comes from knowing he has the two ingredients needed to win at sales: superior training and the right opportunity. Inside Sales Career Accelerator, they break down the most recent research and biggest breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychology, allowing trainees to close without resorting to outdated, high pressure sales tactics. Upon completing the curriculum, you’ll be certified as an official S.C.A. Sales Professional. The moment this happens, you’ll get access to a marketplace of high ticket offers you can be an inside closer for.

It gets better. Caleb explains how they’ve already heavily vetted these companies and know their respective close rates. This means, each of their offers will be incredibly sellable. They also made sure their customers were happy, supported, and getting the results they were promised. That way, you can feel good about what you’re selling. Oh, and you’ll apparently receive 100% commissions on each of your sales, until your investment in Sales Career Accelerator is paid for. After that, you’re back to $1,960 or so per sale.

No more answering to “the man.” No door knocking or cold calling. The leads are screened and have jumped through several hoops just to talk to you. Caleb says, rather than you selling them, they’ll sell you on why you should let them buy. You’ll also get 24/7 access to Caleb’s concierge team whose sole job it is to make sure you’re happy.

Only 25 spots available. Which could be fake scarcity. You’ll have to apply to find out the cost. I’m guessing it’s at least $10,000. It could be worth it if Mr. Maddix delivers on everything he promised. But it’ll still be a grind. And after no shows, last minute cancellations, refunds, chargebacks, inconsistent lead flow, and other headaches Caleb didn’t mention, I wouldn’t personally want to do it. But that’s me.

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