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Surplus Cashflow Review (Spencer J. Vann)

Vann Smiling

Surplus Fund founder Spencer Vann has a passive, done for you side business he wants to tell you about. Basically, if you’re sick of the roller coaster ride that is stocks and real estate, and you want something that’s recession-proof, here’s what you need to know. People are losing their jobs, their portfolios are circling the drain, and yet, Spencer and company are over there making money hand over fist. How, you ask. Read on for my Surplus Cash Flow review.

“My company partners with people like you,” Spencer pitches, “to provide a fully recession-proof passive income by leveraging a little-known, hundred billion dollar industry called surplus funds. Which is essentially the simplest business model on the planet. In fact, it’s so simple that you don’t have to purchase or manage inventory, run or pay for advertising, create a website, and you’re not even reliant on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, or Shopify. And you don’t have to sell anything at all.”

“Because we’re just giving away money. Which is what makes it 100% recession-proof. Again, all possible thanks to what we call surplus funds. Which is just reuniting people with lost money and taking a finder’s fee. Let’s say State Farm Insurance owes John Smith $24,000 as part of a settlement. But, for whatever reason, they can’t find John. Maybe he moved. His phone number changed. Something. So when this happens, the government steps in to temporarily hold the money.”

“But the problem is, the government’s not in the business of telling people that they’re owed money. And that’s how billions and billions of dollars get stuck at government offices across the nation. And all we do is reunite that lost money with its rightful owner, and we can collect a four-, five-, or even six-figure check for doing so. And if you think it’s saturated, roughly one in ten Americans right now are owed money. People you know. Kevin Hart, Elon Musk, heck, even my own grandma was owed money.”

Spencer Taking In View

Wait, so you’re telling me no one can locate two of the most famous people on the planet? Like, nobody thought to just tweet Elon about that six hundred bucks he’s owed from Pennsylvania? Probably not the best examples there, Spenc. Nonetheless, should you decide to partner up with him, he and his team will find people that are owed money, connect with ’em, inform them of what they’re owed, and then offer to go and retrieve that money for ’em in exchange for a commission. So far so good. Then what?

Well, step two, Spencer says, is they’ll get busy vetting, hiring, and training acquisition specialists. Which is a nice way of saying cold callers, who’ll hit up all these poor people who’re owed money and, if anyone even answers, try to overcome their natural skepticism. “No, really, Barbara, I’m trying to hand you money. I swear. This is totally legit. The catch? Oh, well, about that. Alls I’m asking for is a measly $10,000. So… we got a deal or what?” Man, I wouldn’t wanna be tasked with that. Like, why wouldn’t Barbara just go, “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll call ’em myself and keep the entire amount. Now eff off.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen the checks. It’s not like this industry doesn’t exist or nobody’s ever made money in it. It’s just, wow, I can’t imagine how long it would take to put a deal together. And sure, that’s why Surplus Cashflow exists. To remove you from the grunt work. No clue what it costs, but if it’s truly hands-free and you can get a decent return on your money? Without waiting forever? Hey, what’s not to like? But that’s my main concern here. Like, what type of ROI we talkin’? In what time frame? And is Spencer willing to guarantee it? If not, hard pass. Like, harder than grandpappy’s peanut brittle hard.

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