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Adam Chandler Network Marketing Review

Digital Upline Training

Adam Chandler has a warning to all network marketers. There are three things he says you need to stop doing immediately. If you don’t, you will quickly run out of prospects for your business. Not only that but any quality prospects or teammates you do have will be sent running for the hills. “I’m about to show you a new way to enroll four to seven excited new prospects week after week like clockwork,” he promises in his latest YouTube ad. Can you trust him? Scroll down for my Digital Upline review.

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“Hi, my name is Adam Chandler,” he continues, “and I used to completely suck at generating leads and enrolling new distributors into my business. But that was before I discovered what I call the Upside Down Enrollment Method. Once I discovered this game-changing recruiting strategy, I enrolled ten new reps into my business in just my first week, and then replaced my income from my full-time job just a couple months later.”

Adam did this without having to waste a ton of time on old school, outdated prospecting methods that typically only result in embarrassing rejection and painfully-slow business growth anyway. So what must you stop doing right away if you want to be taken seriously as a network marketer? First and foremost, home parties. It’s stressful for you, awkward for them, and everyone in your crammed living room feels it.

Number two is cold prospecting. Not only is this about as fun as a migraine, but you have to talk to twenty, maybe thirty people to make one measly sale. You are the bottleneck. When you stop, so does your business. Plus, since you are asking them, and not the other way around, you are in a position of weakness. You should always want to position yourself powerfully.

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The third thing every network marketer must stop doing as soon as is humanly possible is spamming social media. Your Instagram followers don’t want to see another picture of your company’s silly supplements sitting on your countertop. No one cares, Adam says. But what they do care about is themselves, and solving their problems. And remember, everything you’re doing to build your business, they see. Will they want to spam for a living? No.

“When you drop these outdated methods for a real system like the Upside Down Enrollment Method, you can get some much needed leverage in your business by employing systems and automation,” Adam explains. It’s basically a new and proven way to start putting in a handful of business builders a week to your downline. Adam has a guidebook you can check out, for free, if you’d like to know more. Of course, it will lead to a pitch for his Digital Upline program.

Members will get training, software, and assistance to help them scale their MLM business fast and without hating their life. Prospects will be pre-qualified, pre-converted, and ready to buy by the time you talk to them. To get only the best prospects practically begging to work with you, Adam says to book a call with his team. He does not say what Digital Upline costs. Verdict? Adam Chandler is cool; network marketing is not. Build something you can be proud of. Check out the link below.

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