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Charlotte Chan Review (Amazon Passive Income)

Charlotte Chan Dog

Charlotte Chan, Christian Mikkelsen’s wife, shot a cute new YouTube ad for Audiobook Income Academy. “There’s a better way to make money on Amazon than selling physical products,” she says, lounging on the couch, her adorable puppy cuddled next to her. “Three years ago I quit my job and using this exact business model, I was able to replace my full-time income; and here I am, married, and with a dog. But let me tell you a little bit more, okay?” Scroll down for my review.

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“So my husband and his twin brother Rasmus created this free training that you’re about to watch,” Charlotte continues. “It’s gonna break down a done-for-you four step process on how you can start your own Amazon business that has none of all this crap. You set it up once and then it just sits in the background and you make real passive income. I even taught this model to my mom and my mom makes about twelve hundred dollars a month now; so it works for anybody.”

Do you need any specific skills or business experience going in? Nope, Charlotte says. In fact, this could be your very first attempt at making money online. It’s beginner-friendly. Anyone can do it, including you. There are people out there that have dramatically improved their lives thanks to this free training. Four simple steps are all that stand between you and a new hands-free Amazon income stream. If you want to quit your job or buy yourself your own furry friend, click the link.

“Go check it out. It is untapped. Everyone’s trying to fight on Amazon, but you don’t need to fight with them. Go do something new, alright? Click the link and register for the free training. Oh, almost forgot, if you stay till the end, there are a bunch of free bonuses. A lot of good bonuses to get you started, to get you some of that money in your bank account,” Charlotte says as the YouTube ad winds down. Okay, what was good, what was bad, and what else do you need to know?

Christian And Charlotte

In terms of the ad itself, like I said, I thought it was sweet. You had Charlotte and her dog just chilling together; very relatable. I also thought it was a good move to let a fresh face pitch the program. When you run millions of dollars worth of YouTube ads, no matter how likable you are, it’s gonna get annoying over time. And, slowly but surely, everyone’s gonna start to turn on ya. Just ask Tai Lopez. But another advantage, I think, is that it’s easier to trust the message when it’s not coming straight from the guru. Or in this case, gurus, plural.

There was only one thing I didn’t like. I can’t stand ads that don’t say what it is. I get that the suspense probably gets more people to act and therefore drives down lead cost, but it’s annoying for everybody else. I think you should respect people’s time. Just get to the point, say exactly what it is, let them decide whether they wanna take the next step. Sure, you’ll pay more per lead, but won’t the quality be better? Why shove a bunch of people into your funnel who aren’t interested in what you’re actually selling?

Which, in this case, is a fifteen hundred dollar course on outsourcing audiobooks and then uploading them to Audible. And that brings me to my last point, about the model itself. While I agree that audiobooks are a less competitive way to profit off of Amazon’s (well, Audible’s) platform and that it’s something newbies can easily learn, I think the Mikkelsen twins’s marketing always makes it sound much faster, easier, and cheaper than it really is. And hey, I get it. Marketers gon’ market. But a little more balance would be nice.

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