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Wealth Warriors Review (Daniel Chou, Nathan Bokkers)

Elite Income Empire

Daniel Chou was $35k in credit card debt. He actually got sued by American Express. Had to put his family on food stamps. My man was down bad. 

Then he found an opportunity that helped him turn everything around. 

Today, he’s an internet millionaire. 

Why do I feel like the opportunity is selling you the opportunity? 

Strap in for my Wealth Warriors review. Wouldn’t want you falling out of your seat. 

Daniel runs this alongside a squirrely fellow named Nathan Bokkers.

They say they’ve made almost $600k passively in the last eight months. That they’ve already helped 500+ families start their own online business from complete scratch.

Their branding is basically an acid trip.

Watching this video feels like it was spliced together by a toddler. The cuts and transitions jerk you around like you’re riding shotgun with someone driving a stick for the first time.

The big-brimmed hats and sunglasses make it hard for me to take them serious.

Yet their students are apparently crushing it:

  • Jasleen’s doing $3k to $5k per day.
  • Jessica went from zero to $17,500 in just seven weeks.
  • Steph made $914 in her first week.
  • Bryce and Janice pulled in a whopping $140k in 90 days.
  • Ankush earns $15,000 per month thanks to Nathan and Daniel.

These people are no different than you, Nathan says. Just everyday people. They work jobs and take out the trash and shuttle kids around and silence unknown callers, same as you.

They wanted financial freedom. Daniel and Nathan gave ’em the roadmap. And now they’ve arrived.

And don’t you worry, with this, there’s no:

  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Customer support
  • Or complicated tech

You don’t even need your own product. And you won’t have to sell anything, either.

And you can be up and running in three days or less.

Hmm. My skepticism has skepticism at this point.

Daniel and Nathan want you to buy their 3 Day Affiliate BattlePlan Challenge.

Cost is just $17.

I’m sure there’s a ton of upsells after that.

But anyways. By the end of those three days, you’ll be earning commissions using nothing more than your phone, laptop, and an internet connection.

Affiliate Battle Plan Challenge

Last month alone, your two unlikely heroes made $80k doing what they teach inside the Challenge.

This is the “magic key to freedom,” Daniel says.

Some call it freelance digital marketing. Others call it high ticket affiliate marketing. Potato, potahto.

Either way, all you do is recommend other people’s products online… in exchange for a kickback.

Easiest and simplest way to start making money on the internet, Nathan promises.

  1. Find a good offer.
  2. Build a marketing funnel.
  3. Send people to the funnel.

Whenever someone buys, boom, you get paid.

Side note: I just realized who Nathan reminds me of. Lola Skumpy from Big Mouth. Hilarious.

Moving on though.

The Wealth Warriors community has private, premium, done-for-you offers you can use.

Translation: buy through their affiliate links so they can get rich.

My guess? They’re pushing programs like Passive Affiliate Profits by Zach Crawford and Legendary Marketer by Dave Sharpe. Both of which are borderline pyramid schemes, if you ask me.

Now. Are there affiliates making money with such programs? Sure.

Is it a high percentage? You’re adorable.

But say you beat the odds, still, how long can it last? Remember, everyone you enroll becomes a competitor.

And finally:

Can you feel good about what you’d be doing?

Posting embarrassing, zero-value videos to TikTok, hoping enough idiots sign up for your spammy emails that you can eventually get to $10k/mo?

Yuck. I couldn’t.

When the promise is fast cash with lazy tasks, lace up your Nikes and run like the hounds of hell are behind you.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.