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Jeff Clark Trader Review


Jeff Clark teaches ya how to profit from options in any market. His products include: Market Minute, a free e-letter with unique insights; Jeff Clark Trader, his flagship offer, which sells for $199 and shows ya how to fund an early retirement trading just three stocks; Earnings Trader, a $4,000 weekly publication to cash in on earnings reports; Delta Report, with riskier option trading opportunities, for $5k; and then Jeff Clark Alliance, which is every program he’s ever put together, for $9,199.

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Those are the ones listed on his Jeff Clark Trader website, anyways. Once in a while you’ll see him promoting something else, such as The One Stock Retirement thingamajig he was just running a YouTube ad for. And I’m sure there are dozens more once you become a customer. So is this dude legit? Maybe. Like maybe Jeff Clark is his real name (doubt it) and maybe he really has made a small fortune trading options (also kinda doubt it), but that’s not the question you should be asking.

A better question would be: Can you trust him? I did some digging and came across quite a few red flags. Like the fact that it’s actually Agora Financial pulling the strings here. Heard of ’em? They’re the largest publisher of financial newsletters in the U.S. But they’re known for these aggressive, farfetched sales letters that are borderline predatory. Or maybe not-so-borderline; seems like the FTC has sued ’em dozens of times already. I’m honestly not sure how they’re still in business at this point.

Strike two would be just some of the awful reviews I found online. For example, on Trustpilot, Kenneth J Dobrowolski wrote, “Jeff Clark is a scam artist. Do not fall for his phony pitch. I am an experienced trader and I make money on a consistent basis from the stock market. I just wanted to see if his work had any merit. It doesn’t. After doing my own analysis on his recommendations, I saw he was full of it. I paper traded his options and they were all losers. Stay far away from this garbage.”


Another gal, Joanne Davis, had this to say: “My receipt says ‘If at any time in the next 60 days you wish to cancel your subscription, please contact customer service to receive a full refund.’ They lie. He claims to be in the top 1% of richest people. If so, why is he lying and taking money from old people? This is a scam.” Beneath this particular complaint there was actually a reply from someone on the Jeff Clark Trader team. “Sorry to hear about your experience; we’ll offer you a prorated refund,” was the gist of it.

Then there was Robert DeWolf. “I subscribed for one year and participated in five options trades that were recommended,” he adds. “I lost money on every single trade. I found the options course that was offered to be informative and well explained. However, I am motivated to share my experience to advise others to be careful of the (I believe) overhyped promises which I see in the marketing of this service.” Below it? Another response from Jeff Clark Trader: “Our bad. Call us, we’ll try to make it right,” essentially.

For balance, I do have to point out: over on another review site, Birdeye.com, things look a lot better. Jeff Clark Trader’s got a total of 30 reviews at the time of writing this; the average rating is 4.8 outta 5. Although, if you read through ’em, there’s some questionable names and responses; almost as if they were bot-generated. All in all, yeeeah, I just can’t with this guy. I’d probably rather dip my lady parts in honey and squat over a bees’ nest than buy anything he’s selling.

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