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Free And Clear House Challenge Review

Jason Wearing Shades

Jason Palliser says, “My partner and I, Jason Lucchesi, are excited to invite you to our upcoming Free & Clear House Challenge. We’re gonna be hosting it inside of our free Facebook Group. Here’s a little bit of what we’re gonna be covering. We’re gonna show you exactly how to find these deals, close these deals, and cash checks working with free and clear properties. That’s right, the exact same type of properties that most gurus and experts are telling you don’t even exist.”

“Or there’s a lot of competition and it’s too hard, ya gotta spend too much money to find these type of deals,” he continues. “Well we’ve cracked the code. Not only do we have 30+ different ways that we find off-market deals, but we’re gonna show you guys our best strategy in this upcoming five-day Challenge. Now, on top of that, we’re gonna give you a step-by-step blueprint on how these deals close, from start to finish. It’s very important that you get registered right now and put it on your calendar.”

“We’re expecting this Group to fill up very fast. We wanna make sure that you guys get in before the doors close. We’re gonna be having daily giveaways, fun prizes, and all the documents that we use to close these types of deals in this Challenge. We’re gonna give ya the exact blueprint to take back to your market and duplicate this and start getting similar results, just like our students are seeing. But here’s the thing: you do have to put the work in. This isn’t a set it and forget it type of deal.”

“If you’ve got shiny object syndrome, if that’s the kind of person you are, then this definitely isn’t for you. Go find another Facebook Group that’ll sell ya that type of dream. We’re gonna be sharing with you guys exactly what we need to do and how to do this and what the work is involved so that you can follow this over the next five days and you’re gonna be able to leave here with the confidence that you’ve never had before to close these types of deals. More importantly, how to take this out and reproduce the results monthly.”

Jason At Beach

What’s the catch, right? Well, as soon as you register for Jason and Jason’s “free” Challenge, they immediately start asking for money. Repulsive, but here’s the pitch: “We want you to have VIP access,” Jason Palliser says. “So right after each session, you’re gonna have top of mind awareness, you’re gonna have questions, which is natural. We’re gonna do a Q&A session live so we can answer those questions for you. So literally you’re marching forward and chewing up the pavement. That’s the first thing.”

“Two,” he continues, “we’re gonna give ya the recordings. As a regular Challenge member, we’re not gonna share recordings. On top of that, we’re also gonna dig into our vault and hand to you tons of different documents we use to close these type of deals.” Jason Lucchesi adds that there’ll be training on no-money-down strategies, a deep dive on finding cash buyers, as well as content and scripts on what to say to motivated homeowners who would like to sell their house and just be done with it.

They warn that this is a one-time offer only. If you close down the page, you’ll never see it again. Cost is just $47. My guess is there’ll be more to buy after that. A Tax Delinquent Blueprint or a 2 Day Investment Blueprint or something similar. The Jason’s have sold such products in the past for as much as $10,000 a pop. They do have a decent amount of video testimonials, so I’ll give ’em that. Then again, someone on BiggerPockets called Palliser the “Rex Kwon Do” of real estate and advised you to “walk away” from anything he’s promoting.

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