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The Boardroom Mastermind Review (Kent Clothier)


Kent Clothier says ninety-five percent of real estate investors are beginners, struggling, bouncing from book to book, course to course, seminar to seminar, not really executing. One percent are crushing it, doing most of the deals. Then there’s this four percent group. They’re doing okay. Making decent money. But they need help breaking into that top one percent. Which is where Kent comes in. He’s the CEO and founder of Real Estate Worldwide and he’s been a successful entrepreneur for thirty-four years.

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When he was just seventeen, Kent started a company with his dad that grew to the seventh largest privately held company in the state of Florida. It ended up doing almost one-point-eight billion dollars in sales each and every year. When he left that company, he got into real estate. Started buying and selling properties. This was back in 2003. Since that time, he and his REI Nation organization have flipped thousands and thousands of houses and buildings. Needless to say, he and his team have a wealth of knowledge.

That knowledge extends far beyond real estate. They have invaluable experience when it comes to scaling, building big businesses and big operations. Through his Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) company, he’s helped educate more than sixty thousand students from every corner of the globe. Giving them not only the training but the tools and the community that they need to be wildly successful in their real estate business. That brings us to Kent’s latest project: The Boardroom Mastermind.

“Imagine that you have these lofty goals,” Kent says, “two, three, four, five years down the line. What you’re ultimately trying to accomplish, what you’re ultimately trying to get to. Imagine walking into a room, and over the course of just a couple days, dots are being connected very very quickly. Whether that is through people or process or automation or whether that’s through very specific actions that you need to take. That is a key thing about The Boardroom. It is highly highly actionable.”


“You walk in thinking one thing,” Kent continues, “you walk out knowing the exact steps that you need to take immediately to make things happen in your life. Many times people come out of there and they are taking action in the moment, right there, and begin seeing results even before they’ve left any of these live events. This is a truly truly life-changing type of experience. The connections you’ll make inside The Boardroom will compress time. They’ll get you the results you’re after faster.”

Whether you need help raising private money or marketing for sellers or attracting more buyers or you need help vertically integrating, The Boardroom Mastermind will have an expert who can assist. You’ll get ideas, solutions, and accountability. Included are four quarterly in-person masterminds, one-on-one coaching, best-in-class software, private mentoring, a year of consulting, and guaranteed results. If I’m being honest, the entire pitch was very vague and jargon-y. Kent says a lot without saying much.

And Kent never reveals what it costs. These things are usually ten to fifty grand. You’ll have to book a call to find out. While I agree there’s a ton of value in being connected to other high achievers in the real estate space, for me, it’s just too generic. I would want specific training on my specific niche of real estate investing. Otherwise, I would feel like I’m just spending a small fortune to rub elbows with the cool kids. I would also want to be mentored by someone who’s actively in the trenches each and every day.

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