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Cold Email Client Attraction Coaching Program Review

Voigt Enterprises LLC

Luke Max Voigt will teach you how to get ten to fifteen new sales opportunities per week using a simple cold email automation strategy. The same one he used to land his first thirty clients and produce nearly fifty-six grand for his boutique marketing agency. So what are the steps? And what do you write in these emails? How do you avoid the spam folder? Can you really do deals this way? Read on for my Luke Voigt review.

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For his digital marketing agency, Luke runs Facebook ads for construction companies. Back in 2019, he took it from zero to multiple six figures in revenue, all from cold emails. He logs into PayPal and shows proof. He says his system is for you if you have a business, need more clients, and it’s up to you to bring them in. Of course, you need to be in a position to take on more clients and get them results.

There is some work involved. Especially up front. You’ll have to write a few emails. Test, tweak, find the message that converts. You can systematize and outsource everything later. If you’re up for the challenge, Luke’s cold email approach could land you new deals for twenty-five hundred bucks a month or more, without costing you anything out of pocket. Except for some inexpensive VAs who will send the emails for you for as little as three to five bucks an hour. (All software will land you in the spam folder eventually. Don’t do it, Luke warns.)

It’s quick, affordable, simple, proven. You get feedback instantly. The emails get sent. You either get replies or you don’t. They’re either positive or negative. You get clients or you don’t. You fine-tune. And you keep going. If you’ve tried cold email prospecting in the past and failed, it’s probably because you used a shotgun approach. Luke wants you to be a sniper. Less but better.

Cold Email Clients

The more you customize each email for the person you’re sending it to, the greater your response rate. The ultimate email is going to have ten, twenty, even thirty-plus “personalized tokens” that tell the prospect this email is only for them. So mention their name, product, website, competitors, etc. Slow and steady wins the race in the cold email game. Never email someone you wouldn’t want to take on as a client. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Use technology correctly: not to send the emails, but to customize each email. For example, Luke leverages software to pull in these personalized tokens and add them to email templates to help speed up the customization process. The fortune is made in the follow up. Most discovery calls will be booked after the second, third, fifth email is sent. Organization, tracking, and reminders are key.

Remember, great emails are results-based. The focus must be on them, their business, the transformation you can deliver. Want Luke’s assistance, templates, and support? That’s what his Cold Email Client Attraction (CECA) course is for. He doesn’t say how much it costs; book a call with him to find out. My thoughts? While I don’t love cold email outreach, if you’re going to do it, Luke’s way makes the most sense. Plus I got a really good feel about him as a person. It’s rare to go through someone’s entire funnel and not see a single red flag; so kudos to Luke for that.

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