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Connect 365 Reviews (Josh Turner)


Josh Turner wants to know if you’d like a six figure side hustle. “My team and I created one of the top softwares for marketing agencies in the world,” he says, “helping thousands of entrepreneurs solve the number one problem they face in growing and scaling a sustainable business. And that problem is: how do you get more clients and customers? And in the process of building this automation tool, we developed a system to take anyone off the street, with zero experience in marketing, and turn you into a master marketer.”

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“By the end of the training, you’ll be able to command a six figure income,” he continues. “See, in building our software, we realized that the demand for marketing help was far greater than our ability to serve all these small business owners ourself. It would be impossible for us to help all the mom and pops of the world who desperately need expert marketing. This is a huge demand. With all that’s happened in the world in the past eighteen months, we wanted to fix that. And that’s where you come in.”

“So, using our systems, I wanna teach you our 20 Minute Marketing Agency process, where you can earn six figures helping small business owners grow their companies and it takes you almost no time at all. Take our student Susie Kelly for example. She started just a couple months ago and has already added three clients, each paying her twenty-five hundred a month. So she’s increased her monthly income by seven thousand five hundred dollars a month in a very short amount of time.”

“That’s ninety thousand per year in additional income. And once she adds just a little bit more, she’s gonna break the six figure mark very soon. And she’s doing it by helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. This system is everything we built over the last ten years to train somebody just like you to go from zero marketing knowledge to becoming a master marketer, getting amazing results for your clients very very quickly. And you don’t need to come up with new content, you don’t need to learn a bunch of new skills or really have any prior experience in marketing at all.”

Josh Turner CEO

“All you really need is twenty minutes a day to implement this system. And I wanna show you how cool and easy it is to create automated email campaigns designed to fill up you and your clients’ calendars with exciting new prospects who are ready to buy; and how to start charging them anywhere from a thousand, up to seven thousand or ten thousand dollars per month for these services, in the shortest amount of time possible; what to do if you’re brand new and don’t have any success stories or testimonials; and how to structure your business for time freedom.”

“Again, it takes very little time to do this. Just ask our student, Mark McIntosh, who went from grinding away, working for some big company and cold calling prospects and seeing no results, to thirteen retainer clients in just a hundred and twenty days using our system. You owe it to yourself to get involved with the Connect 365 20 Minute Marketing Agency. Remember, this is where you can earn six figures for yourself by learning to become a master marketer all while helping small business owners solve their biggest problem,” Josh finishes his pitch with.

The cost for Connect 365 20 Minute Marketing Agency is six hundred and ninety-seven dollars for full access for three months. After that, there’s a monthly fee of seventy bucks a month to continue using Josh’s software and tools. My thoughts? I agree with the premise. Millions of businesses need more customers and don’t know how to get them. There’s good money in it if you’re good at what you do. But I don’t know any skill, especially one as hard as marketing, that you can master in just twenty minutes a day. Because of that, I’d proceed with caution.

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