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Simple System Access Review (Josh Snyder)

Coach Josh

Josh Snyder aka Coach Josh has a YouTube ad where he’s standing in a parking lot with his Blonde Friend flashing bank statements. He averaged $135,000 a month for the months shown. All thanks to a 100% automated system that cranks out huge commission checks. Curious? Me too. Read on for my Simple System Access review.

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Josh is just an average guy. Grew up in a small town. Served in the Air Force. Before discovering this life-changing system, he was a traveling sales rep. He’d put 50,000 miles a year on his car. Lived out of his suitcase. Slept in cheap hotels. Always super stressed. He knew there had to be something else out there. Eventually he found it.

Six months later, he walked away from that soul-sucking sales gig. Been working from home ever since. Now he spends his days however he wants. And you can join him. You can do it on the side, starting out, and maybe go full-time later. You don’t need to be a marketing guru. You don’t need your own product. Just ethically copy one very simple webinar and commission checks of $3,000, $7,000, and $14,000 can be yours as well. Okay, how?

The next step, according to Josh’s ad, is to click and sign up for a free copy of his Simple System Handbook. I did. I was taken to another video from him. He tells me the Digital Veteran Blueprint will arrive in my inbox shortly. Huh? (I’m guessing Josh had to change the name of it because of all the bad reviews but forgot to update the video.) Then he says, “I’ve been able to connect with a company who’s got all the tools and resources to help you apply everything you learned inside the Digital Veteran Blueprint.”

Digital Veteran Blueprint

Josh wants you to join that company because that’s how he gets paid. It’s advantageous to you because this company sells info products for big bucks. If you refer sales, you’ll get multi-thousand dollar commission checks like Josh. It gets better. They’ve already built the websites, pitch videos, and marketing campaigns. They’ll even close your leads for you on the phone. Literally, your only job is to send traffic. Probably via Facebook ads or YouTube ads. Coach Josh here seems to be doing just fine with the latter.

The video ends and I click the big red button below it to find out more about this mysterious company. Immediately, my jaw fell to the floor. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I thought. “Not again!” Turns out, Josh’s Simple System Access ad is just another lead-in to the sketchiest biz opp I’ve seen so far. JBW Business Coaching and The Prosperity Warrior were two other ads I exposed for promoting the same thing. Read those reviews if you want the long version, but basically, this is a low-key pyramid scheme.

There are four levels you can buy in at. The higher the level, the more you can potentially make. To max out your earning potential, you would need to fork over $21,847 and become a Royal member. (Oh look, I’m dry-heaving a little. Awesome.) Imagine losing all that. Plus whatever you gamble on ads. That could really mess up someone’s life.

I just picture some sweet old lady from the Midwest cashing out her 401(k) to join. And why not? The sales page says you can make “five or even six figures per month from home” and start prospering “within days of joining.” Just throw some money at ads, then “relax, open your mailbox, and count the money.” I can’t even make this up. These are exact quotes from the website. If karma is real, Josh Snyder and the other swindlers I’ve seen pushing this “simple system” (Matt Graham, Marc Wilson, and Orlando Diaz) will end up behind bars. I need a shower now.

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