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The Prosperity Warrior Review (Marc Wilson)


Marc Wilson is running an interesting YouTube ad. “Skipping this ad will cost you key information on how Callie, a stay-at-home mom, was able to make thirty-five hundred dollars over the weekend with a single sale,” he says. “Or how Mark and Julie collected over thirty-eight grand in a single week.” He then introduces himself as a retired U.S. Army member turned seven figure earner. Skeptical? Me too, but let’s hear the man out. Read on for my Prosperity Warrior review.

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Marc says he’s been working in direct sales for four years now. And he quickly started pulling in six figures per month. “It was the perfect opportunity for me to make additional income without any commute,” he explained. “Without starting another twenty year career. And with all the time in the world to spend with my family; go fishing; and, in general, just smell the roses.” So far so good. But what does this have to do with you?

Well, now Marc is looking for others who want to make the same type of life-changing income without suffering through soulless classes taught by fruitless gurus, as he calls them. “So I wrote my book: The Prosperity Warrior War Map,” he says. It’ll reveal his exact process for reeling in commissions of fifteen hundred on up to fifteen thousand or more. Of course, to get it, Marc asks you to click over to his landing page and enter your email.

After that, you’re taken to a private page with another video from Marc. He tells you his book should arrive in your inbox shortly. But first, he’s got some bonuses he’d like to give you. Turns out, Marc would like to cordially invite you to join his business opportunity. You end up on a long-winded page with lots of big headlines and yellow highlighter and jargon-y words. It has an old school feel to it, but it must be working or they wouldn’t be running traffic to it.

Marc Wilson Matt Graham

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this offer before, just under a different name. JBW Business Coaching or JBW Marketing Blueprint or something. This was a few months back. At that time, Matt Graham and Orlando Diaz were the guys behind it. Maybe Marc Wilson joined them. I don’t know. It’s confusing. I think they’re all affiliates for this company. The products are courses which are sold for many thousands of dollars. They have proven ads, funnels, and closers you can use.

There are a number of different levels you can sign up at. The cheapest package is three thousand two hundred and forty-seven dollars. That earns you fifteen hundred bucks per sale. Their most expensive package is twenty-one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven dollars. That earns you a whopping ten thousand five hundred bucks a sale. If you buy within the next two days, they’ll increase your commission to seventy-five percent. Now you’re looking at fifteen K a sale.

I commend Marc for serving our country. I think he gives hope and inspiration to other veterans and even everyday people who aren’t that techie or business savvy. I think the model can work, but I would want more detail about what my duties would be. Also, for that big of an investment, some numbers, stats, something. Like, what’s an average result? How risky is this? Is there a chance of losing all my money? How much extra will I need for ad spend? My jury is still out on The Prosperity Warrior.

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