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JBW Business Coaching Review (NEM)

NEM YouTube

Have you seen this YouTube ad? Where a bunch of people are ripping open packages and flashing the checks they’re supposedly getting in the mail? It’s by JBW Business Coaching, whatever that is. The video was uploaded to a channel called NEM. They have like seven random videos that are public. Half are for fitness; the other half, biz opp. If you have seen it, I would stay far, far away. There are a handful of reasons I say that. Keep reading.

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First and foremost, when you’re hiding behind bogus brands like JBW Business Coaching and NEM, that’s seriously sketch. What is the actual company name? Why don’t they want it known? Gee, I wonder. It wouldn’t be because they’re embarrassed by what they’re doing and they know it’s borderline-illegal, would it be?

By the way, for what it’s worth, I believe this is just another marketing funnel for the same slimy MLM company Marc Wilson was promoting with his Prosperity Warrior ad. Long story short, you’ll be asked to invest as much as $22,000 for a chance to earn checks like the ones you saw in the video above. The bigger your buy-in, the greater your earning potential. They hardly mention the digital training products you’d be selling, which is a tell-tale sign of a pyramid scheme.

And there’s no mention of what these people are doing to receive these multi-thousand dollar checks in the mail. “Just plug into the system and get paid.” If only business were that easy, right? But seriously, what is this? Amazon FBA? Dropshipping on Shopify? Publishing audiobooks on Audible? Flipping homes? Starting your own social media marketing agency? Again, they don’t say in any of their ads, and that’s by design. If they said what this really was, no one would click and cough up their email.

Check Opening JBW

And think about it. If you’re making $3k, $5k, $10k, on up to $21k per sale, with zero mention of what you’re selling, is it just me or does that sound like a lawsuit waiting to happen? When Gladys, from Dayton, Ohio invests her entire life savings to join and doesn’t make any of it back, and she signed up under you, then what? You might want to Google “MOBE” and “Digital Altitude” and read up on how the FTC shut them down and bankrupted the guys who were at the top of those companies. Then note the similarities between them and JBW Business Coaching.

When you add it all up, it screams scam. Sure, some people are getting checks. If no one did, it wouldn’t last long. The one percent positioned at the top of the comp plan probably are killing it. But you’ll be at the bottom, alongside the other 99%, whose investment and future sales all get passed up. And so the rich get richer. Don’t worry though, karma will catch up with those guys eventually. In the meantime, there’s no sense in you losing twenty grand in the process.

The bottom line is this: don’t walk, run from this offer. And don’t look back. JBW Business Coaching or NEM or The Prosperity Warrior or whatever they come up with next, at best, will cause you to lose a lot of money; at worst, you could be featured in an upcoming episode of American Greed. Stay safe out there. The internet is a filthy place.

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