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Business Engineering Consortium Review


John S. Benjamin is the man behind Business Engineering Consortium. He’s seen, firsthand, how frustrating it can be for entrepreneurs who put all their energy into growing their business, only to be disappointed when their results don’t match the effort they put in. It’s discouraging, it leads to burnout, and in some cases, the business crashes. Perhaps even worse, the long hours and stress can ruin relationships between biz owners and their family and friends.

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“That’s why, after helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, just like you, to regain direction and control of their business,” John says, “I have condensed my process into one that you can follow to scale, to get your next milestone. Now you’ve probably been told that you need to work harder than everyone else. Okay, hard work is inevitable. But doing the right hard work is more critical. Also, ya gotta be super unique. And chances are? You aren’t. But there are things about your business that are, that we can uncover.”

“And the one that kills more families, businesses, relationships, and destroys company morale, is this ‘I gotta do it myself’ or that DIY attitude,” John continues. “All these things can take you further away from your goals and make you fall further and further behind. And the reality is, if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. So what if instead, you had a clear vision for your business. With actionable steps that you could take, confidently, to scale your business properly and predictably.”

“This way, not only would your business grow, but you could do things like go on vacation without bringing extra baggage from your business with you. And when done right, your business can continue to scale while you’re gone, and you’ll be happy with that growth. Hey, maybe you’ve never thought of things that way. But that’s the way it is. So if you’re ready to take the next step to predictably scaling your business, with full control and confidence in where you’re heading? Listen up.”

Ugly Profits

John goes on to hammer home those three key points. Stop trying to be the hardest worker. It proves nothing, accomplishes nothing. Instead, you need to focus your input on only those essential tasks that produce the greatest output, right? The big levers. “So you’re gonna build a process with the help of your staff,” John says. “You’re gonna implement it. It’s gonna start working. You’re gonna measure against your expectations. They’re gonna measure against expectations, against the company vision.”

“What’s gonna happen is, in terms of effort,” John continues, “you’re gonna notice a spike, and then it’s gonna kinda level off, and then pretty soon, you’re not gonna have to contribute all that much. Your effort is gonna be redirected in a new area. Your employees though, they’re gonna start taking over, doing more, helping you through the hiccups, and they’re gonna take off. And when they do that, what that means is, you now have time for your family and your friends and your hobbies.”

“You wanna go to your kid’s baseball game; you wanna go out to lunch with your wife; you wanna take a weekday and go golfing; guess what? You can do that now. You can do it without fear that your business is in trouble because your people are competent, they’re autonomous, and because of that relatedness they wanna work and help each other.” John doesn’t say how much it costs to work with him; you’ll have to book a call to find out, but he sure seems like a genuine guy who really knows his stuff.

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