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Growth Cave Review: YouTube Ad To Course Sale?


Growth Cave founder Lucas Lee-Tyson claims you can make ten K a month on YouTube without making videos. No experience or tech skills required. And you can start earning within a week or two. Skeptical? So am I, but let’s hear him out. “Back in 2020 with all that craziness that was happening that year, I made over four million dollars in passive income with just one thing,” Lucas brags. “A single three-minute-long YouTube video. But that’s not the craziest part.”

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“I did it without starting my own channel, endlessly churning out videos, and without trying to grow an audience from scratch,” Lucas continues. “Because making passive income on YouTube is a massive opportunity in 2022, thanks, in part, to all the chaos caused by the global pandemic. Now more people than ever are watching videos from home, on their phones. Which is why CNBC reported that YouTube saw the most growth out of all social media apps during the pandemic.”

“And you can understand why some of the top YouTubers are making anywhere from eighteen million all the way up to twenty-six million dollars a year, just making short, simple videos. It allows them to earn passive income, work a flexible schedule from anywhere in the world, and build real wealth. But most people who are trying to jump in on this craze are doing it all wrong. That’s because they’re trying to grow a channel and an audience from scratch. I can tell you from experience, too difficult, too time consuming.”

So what does the Boston-based entrepreneur suggest you do instead? What’d he do to go from freelancing out of his cramped college dorm room to internet multi-millionaire? Well his big ah-ha moment came when he saw a John Assaraf YouTube ad promoting a three hundred dollar “beat procrastination” course. Interesting. Then, while watching a basketball video, he noticed an ad for a five hundred dollar “master the deep game” course. Same formula. Short YouTube video ad clicks-through to sales page for digital course.

Lucas With Girlfriend

Lucas’s eyes were wide open. “Now this seems like a smarter way to use YouTube; to get paid, in an automated way, for your expertise or passion.” It’s essentially digital real estate. You create a course once, along with a short little three or four minute YouTube ad, and you let it run and make you money for a long time to come. So Lucas asked himself: What am I knowledgeable about? What problem can I solve that people would pay me for? As a freelancer, he had been running Facebook ads for clients; why not teach that?

Boom. By the end of the weekend, Lucas had his first course made: The Facebook Ads Academy, which he priced at nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars. Then he made a quick selfie-style video using his iPhone while pacing around his apartment; far from fancy; and set it to run as a YouTube ad in front of other popular YouTube videos that were talking about Facebook advertising tips. By the end of month one, he’d made fifteen grand in course sales. More money than he’d ever made in his entire life.

By year’s end, Lucas had made just under nine hundred K. After ad spend and miscellaneous expenses, he profited about six hundred and twenty grand. He rebranded the course to be called Productized Profits, and it’s gone on to do about four million in total sales. And now, as you might’ve guessed, Lucas is packaging up that success and trying to sell you a course on selling courses. Sound a little MLM-y? Agreed. Is everyone qualified to sell a course? Probably not. But say you are; is it as easy as Lucas makes it seem? Hardly.

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