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Digital Lead Investing Review (Growth Cave)

Productized Profits Legit

Lucas Lee-Tyson is the founder of Growth Cave and Productized Business Mastermind. In his latest YouTube ad, he asks, “Wanna know where to invest a thousand dollars right now? Well forget about crypto, NFTs, real estate, or the stock market. Because those things have become so saturated and so risky. Instead, you should be looking into this one secret investment asset that’s allowed me to go from a broke college student to a multimillionaire.”

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All this before turning twenty-five. And Lucas says he didn’t even have to risk a single penny of his own. This new investment asset that he calls Digital Lead Investing has helped more than a hundred and fifty normal, everyday people create real financial freedom inside his mentoring program. They’re making two thousand, five thousand, even ten thousand dollars or more per month. And, assuming Lucas is to be believed, it’s recurring and entirely passive. Hmm. To me, sounds a little too good to be true.

Lucas’s pitch continues, “It still blows my mind that people are looking into things like crypto, NFTs, real estate, and the stock market, when this one single Digital Lead Investing system exists. And yet, so few people are taking advantage of it despite it being a massive underground opportunity after all of the craziness that has happened with the pandemic and everything. That’s why I’m hosting a free live case study training; you can click somewhere around this video, register, and go attend right now.”

Welp, I attended. Wasn’t live, wasn’t really a training (pure pitch), and there was no case study. Yes, it was technically free, but the whole purpose was to get you to buy Lucas’s course. Inside, you’ll learn his “simple two-step system” for making five K a month, hands-free. The first step has to do with finding high-paying small businesses who want more customers. The second step is basically setting up simple little social media ads to send leads over to them. So yeah, Lucas is just injecting Botox to a wrinkly old business model. Annoying for you, smart for him.

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It got you here, didn’t it? If he would’ve just said, “Wanna know how to run Facebook ads for local businesses?” you would’ve skipped the ad and went back to watching Steve Harvey reaction clips on Family Feud, admit it. So I can’t really fault him for making it sound new and sexy. But I do think he oversells it big time. Lucas says you can do it without risking a single penny, but last I checked ads cost money. He says it’s passive, but you gotta prospect, sell, fulfill, build marketing funnels and systems and such. And I don’t think an average result is five K or more a month.

As for the model itself? The kid’s not wrong. There’s a bazillion businesses and new ones being launched every day and the majority of ’em are willing to pay for leads. And Facebook and Instagram and Google and TikTok are certainly good places to get those leads. They’ve got great targeting options, so if you dangle the right carrot, getting ’em won’t be an issue. That hard part is: Can you keep your lead cost low enough and convince these business owners to pay you a premium for each lead?

If so, yeah, you could make decent money doing this. But, mark my words, it ain’t gonna be passive or easy, as Lucas implies. Or, maybe you try it and Facebook terminates your ad account because that’s what Facebook does. Or maybe they don’t; maybe you get a roofer in Cincinnati to pay you a grand a month, but eight hundred of it goes to Zuck and the other two hundred goes to Russell Brunson over at ClickFunnels. Ads are instant and scalable, but you lose control and margins. It’s a tradeoff for sure. But beyond that, I can’t trust someone who exaggerates and fibs so much in their marketing.

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