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Side Hustles For Couples (Tell Snoogypuss About #6)

Husband And Wife On Hike

Here are a few weird ways you and Bae can make some extra money together. First is something called credit churning. Credit card companies offer certain incentives to sign up, right? Whether it’s several hundred dollars in cash back, thousands of points, airline miles, whatever. So what you and Cutie Patootie can do is, repeatedly open and close cards to claim these bonuses. It’s not gonna make ya millionaires, but it’s pretty easy to do and it can add up over the course of a year.

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By the way, I’m just gonna give ya the ideas and a quick overview of each side hustle. If you want the full step by step, there are plenty of blog posts, YouTube videos and Subreddits for each of these. But with credit churning, ya gotta be careful; you don’t wanna apply for too many credit cards too quickly or your credit score could take a beating. So definitely do your due diligence before pursuing this one, but yeah, it’s totally legit, and you could always use the credit to fund the next income stream.

Going along with that, though, another money making idea for you and Pudding Pop, is robbing banks. Legally. Aka bank churning. Just like Visa and Chase and Capital One, banks’ll offer sizable sign up bonuses to new customers: $500, $800, heck, sometimes as much as $1,500. So it’s pretty simple. Do some Google searches to find these banks near you, get signed up, meet the minimum requirements, snatch the cash and dip. Onto the next one, right? There are people making thousands a year doing this.

All right, what else can you and Pooh Bear explore? How ’bout some good old-fashioned flipping? Like, you guys can look around the crib and sell anything you no longer need; or you can find free stuff people wanna get rid of on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist and whatnot, and then relist it for sale online; or you could even hit up garage sales and thrift stores, spend a little bit on inventory, and flip it for more, right? Check out eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, OfferUp, Mercari, etc., to find the perfect place to list your items.

The Happy Couple

Moving on. Here’s another good one, especially if you and Love Waffles are willing to get your hands dirty. Poke around sites like Handy and TaskRabbit. They’re basically marketplaces for everyday tasks. Whether it’s putting together a dresser or mounting a TV on the wall or moving furniture or fixing a toilet or anything in between, right? So look at the top-selling services, what people are charging, and if y’all are willing and able to do those things, hey, why not take advantage and make some extra coin on the side?

But what if you and Bookie Bear are less mechanical and more creative? And/or you’d just as soon not leave the comfort of home? Here’s a good one for ya. Print on demand. You essentially team up with a supplier of white label products (think coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats, simple jewelry, water bottles, etc.), come up with your own designs and sayings for ’em, and then sell ’em, and this company handles the rest. It’s actually pretty cool. Head over to websites like Society6 and Redbubble to learn more.

I had to save the best for last. The ultimate side hustle for you and Cuddle Muffin has to be what I do. I make unassuming little websites like the one you’re on now, rank them in Google, and then refer all the business to someone else. That someone else then pays me anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks a month, since it makes ’em several times that much back. And if you do it for small local businesses, it’s so much easier. Click the link below and watch the video; you’ll see what I mean.

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