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24-Hour Ad Domination Review (Mint CRO)

24 Hour Ad Domination

Jessica Jobes, from Mint CRO, says most gurus tell you just to spaghetti test. Throw some blog posts and Facebook ads and YouTube videos and Instagram Reels against the wall, see what sticks. And while all of that can be useful, it doesn’t really tell you anything about your audience. To increase your conversion rate, you have to understand what these people want. Here’s how you do that, according to Jessica and her patented “engineering approach to marketing.”

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Sprint testing is what you should be doing. It’s the opposite of spaghetti testing. Quick, data-driven. You can spend $25 in 24 hours and double your conversions, claims Jessica. No more guessing, no more trying this and that and hoping it’ll somehow work. “Here are three secrets to sprint testing,” Jessica says. “Secret number one, you need fast feedback. Or in other words, test like Michael Jordan. You’ve probably heard that MJ missed more than 9,000 shots in his career.”

“He’s lost almost 300 games,” she continues, “he’s also been trusted to take the winning shot 26 times and missed. He says, ‘I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.’ You see, to be great, you have to have room to fail so that you can learn and grow. And that’s not all. Ninety-nine percent of Michael’s fails were small. With every practice and every game, he was taking hundreds of shots, and the feedback was fast and very black or white.”

“Make it or miss it, make it or miss it. If he missed he could adjust for his next shot and continue perfecting his game. What does this have to do with marketing? Well, when it’s taking you days, weeks, or even months to get feedback or trackable results for your tests? It’d be like Michael Jordan only taking one shot every day, week, month, or even three months (for some of the slowest testers). It’s impossible to master your craft with that kind of trial and error rate.”

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Okay, got it. Run more tests, faster, to gather faster feedback. And if you think that means spending a fortune on ads, think again. Because, secret number two is, small data will suffice. You can run shorter tests and make more decisions with less data, Jessica assures us. Like if the data says, Go in that direction, 80% of the time the data’s gonna be right. Which means, yeah, 20% of the time it’s gonna be wrong, but accepting those odds opens you up to speed and scale you wouldn’t otherwise achieve.

Makes sense I s’pose. So what’s the third and final secret to sprint testing? It’s this: You need to isolate variables and test one thing at a time. First, test your headline. Then, test your image. Then, test your copy. Then comes CTA, testimonials, and so on. “To sprint test your way to rapid, predictable business growth?” Jessica says. “You need to isolate variables from your ads and posts, all the way through the funnel, to understand exactly what your audience wants each and every step of the way.”

All three secrets combined will allow you to test faster, cheaper, and outpace your competitors. Mint CRO’s sprint testing methodology has helped countless businesses save thousands of dollars on testing from day one, and create massively profitable, high-converting sales funnels. The 24-Hour Ad Domination course will show you the way. Cost is $49. I’m guessing there’s some upsells after that. I have no issue with the offer, but I prefer to sit back and attract money to me.

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