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Do Deals With Me Review (Cody Sperber)


Cody Sperber says, “Stop buying courses. No more wasting time trying to do real estate deals on your own. If you wanna flip a house and do it within the next 30 days or less and get paid? Boy do I have something for you. Let’s do some deals together. I’ve been in the real estate game for 18+ years, done thousands of deals, I do deals all over the country and I wanna work with you. I’m gonna give you a free deal finding software, free training, no courses to buy.”

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Cody will hook you up with everything you need to locate, work, and close these deals. Just hand ’em off to the Clever Investor, himself, he’ll flip the property, and then y’all can split the profits. What’s hilarious is he’s all, “Yeah, I’m not gonna sell you a course like all the other gurus,” even though, he’s been doing exactly that for like a decade now. And it’s bought him a pretty nice life. Mansion, Lambo, lots of luxury vacations at your expense. But now he’s above that. Now he wants you to be his foot soldier.

What a great guy, huh? Letting you do all the hard stuff and then handing him half the profit. But don’t worry, you can do it from anywhere, you don’t need any skills or experience or even a real estate license. “My system has been perfected over the last 18+ years, and I’ve helped thousands of my students do their first quick flip deal,” Cody brags. “Now here’s a quick flip profit of $7,000 [as he holds up the contract]. Here’s another one right here for $25,000. Another one for $3,950. Then $10,000.”

This month alone, Cody claims he’s done north of $200,000 worth of deals. Okay, but how much of that is take-home? He doesn’t say, but assures us his students are killing it. Jessyca and Brian pocketed $25 Gs. Cornelius made $8,500. Some dude named Paul made “a fat stack of hundreds.” Christopher closed just shy of $80k in assignments. And I’ve heard the word “quick” about eleventy-nine times. Which I’m sure he’ll walk back with a disclaimer any minute now about how this “isn’t some get rich quick scheme.”

Sperber Mr Jimmy Rex

But with the world having a conniption fit right now, this is your chance to get ahead. “I’m here to show you how you can take back control,” Cody says, “and make a ton of money quick flipping properties [there’s that word quick again], do it quickly [I can’t even make this up], and then hopefully go out there and help your friends and family do the same [wait, so are you supposed to recruit them into this too? Because that sounds a little MLM-y if you ask me, but, I dunno, maybe he didn’t mean it like that?].”

So all this is is just wholesaling. Three simple steps. First, find deals to flip. At any given time, about 1 outta 10 homeowners are extremely motivated to sell; and they’ll do so at a discount as long as they can get their cash asap. Cody’s smart software will help you identify these motivated sellers. Then, step two, negotiate with these folks and get their house under contract. Step three? Shop around for a buyer who’ll pay more than that, and then keep the difference, right? Well, the difference divided by two, since Cody will now be taking half.

And the end of the pitch, as expected, Cody backtracks on everything he just said: “If you’re somebody who’s lazy, if you hesitate all the time, or you just have your hand out and you think I’m gonna do all the work for you and then just give you a buncha money? That’s not how this thing’s gonna work. I’m interested in working with somebody who’s self-motivated. I’m way too rich to waste my time with anyone else.” The cost to be Cody’s grunt worker is $97 plus potential upsells. Gross.

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