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Cody Sperber Reviews Million Dollar Secret

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Cody Sperber used to think that there was this missing piece of information, this missing secret. He used to fly all over the country to attend seminars, fight his way through the crowd, go up to the guru, and ask them what it was. “What’s the secret to success?” But no one would ever give it to him. He had to discover it on his own, through years of hard work, sleepless nights, stress, self-doubt, and more downs than ups. So what was it? Scroll down for my Cody Sperber review.

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Ready for it? After breaking through and going on to make tens of millions of dollars in real estate, Cody says the secret is consistency. Consistency in your focus, your pursuits. When you’re consistently working towards your dream, not getting derailed by a lack of results or negative influences or shiny things or just scrolling through social media all day, you will make progress. And progress equals happiness.

Having an accountability partner was key for him. That’s the how. Someone who will call you out when you don’t keep your word or follow-through on that important task. When you’re consistent, you’ll start to trust yourself; so will others. This isn’t some cutting-edge concept Cody invented, obviously. It’s something he fell into by reading books, riding the roller coaster of entrepreneurship for all those years.

You want that consistency spilling over into other areas of your life. Waking up early. Getting a workout in. Eating healthy. Writing down your goals for the week. Hanging out with positive people. Doubling down on self education. Being present with your significant other. At the same time, you have to wage war on your negative habits. Playing the blame game. Binge-watching Netflix. Gossiping. Being wishy-washy.

Cody Sperber Hanging Out

And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, a little bit of success comes along and threatens to undo everything you’ve worked so hard to change. You make five hundred grand in a year, quit your job, and all those positive habits go right out the window. Pretty soon, you’re just chilling. Coasting. What happens? You start going backwards. You can’t let that happen. You need to become robotic about this new you, this new way of living.

“That’s what I mean by consistency,” Cody rants. “I read a book a week. Every week. I take courses. I cut big checks. I’m part of masterminds that cost a hundred thousand dollars a year. I’m part of masterminds that cost thirty thousand dollars a year. I hire consultants, just hired one the other day: twelve thousand dollars. Because this person happens to be a better copywriter than me. And here’s the thing, all these little wussies are running around, scared about their feelings getting hurt.”

For Cody, success is an obligation. It’s his duty. He’s all-in. He doesn’t get distracted by the result. It’s always in flux anyway. He doesn’t let his feelings or other people’s opinions get in his way. Day in and day out, he just consistently pursues that next level of growth, of abundance, of being a better human, husband, father, mentor. If you adopt that same attitude, you’ll go further, faster. Cody guarantees it. Before you bounce, take a look at our internet real estate play. Videos, frequently asked questions and answers are linked to below.

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