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Defi Dan Review: Crypto Crook Or Genius?


Is Dan Ryder aka DefiDan just another talking head on YouTube, trying to sell you a get-rich-quick course? He says no. That his students inside Crypto CashFlow are making hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per day, thanks to his insights. And they’re doing it using nothing more than their computer. And they’re not resorting to, ya know, drop shipping some sketchy energy crystals on Shopify or anything like that. Nope, it’s entirely cryptocurrency, baby.

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Don’t worry, Defi Dan says, it’s not about reading charts or day trading or getting in early on the next meme coin or relying on automated crypto bots or any of that garbage. “This actually has nothing to do with trading,” he counters. “In fact, we actually earn daily passive rewards when other people are trading. How does that even make sense though, right? This can’t be legit, can it? Yes, it can. And it is, 100%. And it’s all due to the power and innovation of what are called smart contracts.”

“These smart contracts allow everyday, regular people, without any prior background or any tech skills, to earn anywhere from hundreds to thousands per day in semi-passive rewards,” Dan continues. “People are using this system to fight off rising inflation and build wealth faster than they ever thought possible. So if you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to generate income, from home, without starting a business, without doing affiliate marketing, Amazon, ecom, or SMMA, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.”

All of Dan’s marketing and advertising lead to a 20-minute video (opt-in required) where he kinda sorta gives the overview of how this all works. But if you haven’t studied the crypto space much, it’ll probably be like the airplane. (Way over your head. Like it was for me.) What I can’t get over is how he’s seemingly encouraging you to go get involved with a model that appears to be imploding as we speak. I mean, just Google, like, “crypto bankruptcies” or “crypto exchanges freezing accounts” or anything similar.

Dan Ryder Solar Panels

Spoiler alert: it’s not pretty. The big crypto companies are going bust. People are losing their life savings. Best case, you’re holding some BTC and ETH and it’s maybe not frozen (yet) but you’re still down, what, 65% or so? Granted, DefiDan, here, probably filmed all these ads before everything hit the fan, but I still see ’em running. So like, how’s anyone think this is a good idea right about now? That’s what I don’t get. And yet, don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling this guy a crook. Heck, maybe he’s a genius.

It does seem like people inside his private Facebook group have good things to say about him. For instance, there’s Francis, who wrote: “Shout out to Dan Ryder. About two weeks ago we hopped on a call so he could give me a rundown of the Crypto CashFlow program. Anyways, I ended up putting a modest $3k into their investing pool and honestly forgot about it. I finally had time to check and that initial $3k is already at $7k and I haven’t even claimed and re-staked anything. This is incredible, especially with the current market.”

And then there’s Lynn, who chimed in: “I must give a huge thank-you to Dan. Not only did he take me through the entire process, but he made it so easy. Crypto can be scary when you don’t know what you’re doing. Dan’s knowledge is incredible and he made me feel secure in my decision to participate. The results so far have been fantastic! I didn’t start with a lot and the value has already increased by more than $1,000 in just a week. I couldn’t be in better hands.” Lynn and Dan go way back, though, so take that one with a grain of salt. Verdict? Not for me, even in a bull market, so certainly staying away with the current state of things.

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