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Crypto CashFlow Review (Dan Ryder)


Dan Ryder is the founder of Crytpo CashFlow. He claims average, everyday people, like you and me, are making $10-, $50-, even $100k per month. That’s right. And it’s all from cryptocurrencies. “It’s thanks to a simple crypto cashflow hack I discovered that has since made me a small fortune within a few short months of using it and implementing this system,” Dan says. “Reality is, this is the simplest and easiest way to create new cashflow that I’ve ever seen.”

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“Everybody knows that, historically, the stock market will earn you about 7–8% per year,” Dan continues. “But even Google tells us it’s actually a lot closer to 5% when you adjust for inflation. Which I think we can all agree continues to be a huge problem. And it takes about 10 years just to double your money. And that’s assuming a major crash doesn’t happen in that time. Which, in the past, we tend to see crashes of up to 50-, even 75%, sometimes several times within a 20-year period.”

This is why most people need to slave away at a job they hate for 40 years, just to maybe have enough in their retirement account to live a mediocre life from 65 on, right? And if not, hey, Walmart always needs new greeters. But what hardly anyone else knows is that, right now, you can capitalize on the crypto market to outpace the stock market by as much as 10x or more. And no, Dan’s not talking about DCAing into bitcoin or trying to time the next dogecoin run up just right.

“If you’re like me, you want an edge to get ahead,” Dan says. “And you wanna eliminate risk as much as possible in order to protect what you earn and who you earn it for. And don’t worry, this has nothing to do with you starting a business, selling something, becoming famous on social media, or learning a high value skill. It’s not affiliate marketing or Shopify or Amazon FBA or anything like that. Nope, unlike other fads that come and go, this is the blue ocean, time-sensitive opportunity of our generation.”

Crypto Cash Flow

“This Crypto CashFlow system is all possible through what I like to call Pool Driver Rewards,” Dan continues. “Which are the result of a semi-automated process of helping facilitate other people’s ability to make crypto trades and collecting a finder’s fee for doing so. And that begs the question of: How and why can you earn a fee for helping someone else trade crypto? Well, right now, there’s about $2 trillion worth of coins in the crypto market. And only about 10% are available for what’s called smart contract trading.”

The other 90% of the time, it’s people buying and selling via a centralized platform like Coinbase, which matches buyer with seller, right? Whereas, with smart contracts, you don’t really need to be paired with a seller in order to buy crypto. You can swap coin A for coin B automatically through something called liquidity pools. Sorta like using the self-checkout at the grocery store. You just fill your basket with what ya need and the machine checks you out, right? Makes sense, but where do you come in?

“Simply by lending out tokens,” Dan says, “you can earn rewards. And the best part is those tokens remain yours. And you’re not obligated for any length of time, so you can move them out of the liquidity pool any time you want. And the rewards add up quick. It’s like if your bank was paying you 20-, 30-, or 100% interest on your money. The reason it works is ’cause there is no bank; you are the bank.” Wanna learn how to do this? Book a call at Crypto CashFlow dot com. No mention of what Dan charges, though, for his mentoring.

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