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Dentalpreneurship Academy Review


Paul Mascetta wants you to imagine 80% of patients accepting a treatment plan from your dental practice. While simultaneously increasing the price and margin of those treatment plans.

Even with brand new patients who’ve never stepped foot in your office.

How’s that sound? Like your favorite song just came on as you finish your first drink on the first day of vacation? 


Then read every word of this Dentalpreneurship Academy review.

Don’t worry, Paul says, you can do all this without:

  • Buying any fancy new equipment
  • Hiring additional staff
  • Spending more on marketing
  • Discounting your services
  • Or using shady, unethical or pushy sales tactics

In other words, you could drastically increase the amount of money you collect from patients on day one, plus have more predictability and stability in your business from long-term treatment plans.

Paul’s pitch so far is like a dentist telling their patients Sour Patch Kids and red wine are the best things to consume for a healthy smile.

Like, what’s the catch, dude?

No catch, he claims. It’s all possible thanks to their so-called Prime Acceptance Protocol. Which he developed alongside his business partner, Andrea Grassi.

It’s already been trusted by over 3,000 dental practitioners just like you.

Since 2010, Andrea and his team of dental business coaches have helped mentees double their profitability by spending less time hunched over in the chair.

So why’s Paul involved in this project, again?

He likes to repeat himself, that’s for sure. Paul’s always telling us what he’s about to tell us. I wish he’d just tell us.

Also, is it just me or does he sound like he should be selling fake Oakleys at the Jersey Shore?


The Prime Acceptance Protocol has very little to do with things directly related to your practice.

Instead, it’s based on something called neural resonance processing, stemming from 13 years of research, testing and analyzing the behavior of real dental patients in 3,000+ practices.

This works, Paul promises. It’s real. It’s effective. And it doesn’t discriminate – it’ll work for you, too.

The 7 Figure Edge Podcast

Patients don’t choose their dentist based on the reasons you think, Paul would argue.

They’re not using pure logic. They’re not considering your track record or how they were greeted when they walked in or whether or not you offered ’em a water.

Nope. They’re relying mostly on cognitive biases. Mental shortcuts to save brain power.

Cool story, Paul. So how can dentists capitalize?

Their Prime Acceptance Protocol apparently has nine steps that leverage neuro resonance processing in such a way that patients view your practice as superior to competitors even when using cognitive biases.

Exsqueeze me, baking powder?

I’ve read IKEA assembly instructions that were easier to understand than Paul.

Are all the three-syllable words just a garnish for an otherwise basic, bland strategy?

No, no, trust me, Paul says. This builds credibility and rapport between you and the patient. So that when you present a treatment plan to them, they’re much more likely to say yes.

They also see your services as more valuable, allowing you to charge more.

They’ll happily pay – and everyone wins, Paul says.

Hmm. The patient wins by getting gouged? I’m not so sure about that.

Paul adds that this isn’t complicated; any staff member can easily be trained on it.

Relax though, it doesn’t involve saying or doing anything manipulative, he assures us.

Maybe if he just told us what it is, he wouldn’t have to tell us what it’s not.

Up until now, Paul pitches, the mysterious Prime Acceptance Protocol was only available in Italy, where Andrea lives. But now they’re bringing it to the U.S.

The Prime Acceptance Protocol Virtual Training Event will cost you $497.

My guess is there’s an upsell into the Dentalpreneurship Academy – for thousands more – after that.

It’s a no for me… like when my ex proposed at Applebee’s.

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