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DFY Real Estate Review


Kevin Clayson cofounded Done-For-You Real Estate alongside Steve Earl. “Did you know it takes almost one-point-seven million dollars in savings to officially, comfortably retire?” Kevin says in one of their YouTube ads. “And according to Schwab Retirement Services, very few of us are on track to even come close to that number. But what if I told you there’s another way? That doesn’t involve a 401(k) or stocks or bonds, crypto, or saving like a madman?” Read on for my DFY Real Estate review.

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“There’s a much better option,” Kevin continues, “but almost no one talks about it because it used to be too complicated. The real secret to a comfortable retirement is monthly paychecks that don’t require you to keep working. But how is that possible? It’s all possible with a very specific type of real estate investing. And it’s not what most real estate gurus are feeding you, which tends to be the fixing and flipping houses or buying expensive coaching packages.”

The problem with the fix and flip, for retirement, is there’s so much to know, so much to do. Not exactly passive. Plus it takes a whole bucket of front-end capital or expensive hard money loans. But even without all that, Kevin explains, it’s the same issue as you see with all traditional investment strategies: it’s super market dependent. Not to mention, it’s hard to get your money outta those things. You spend your whole life building this nest egg that feels like it’s not even yours.

And God forbid you do start to dip into it; now you’re constantly stressed, hoping you don’t outlive what’s left of it. “Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to have an investment vehicle that pays you each month while still accumulating value?” Kevin says. “Just imagine if your 401(k) paid you each month without taking away from the value of the 401(k). Imagine if your stocks paid you dividends each month without depleting the balances.”

REI Done Simply

How much better would that be than just relying on your savings or social security? It’s like having a job without having to work, basically. “Well, good news, it’s possible,” Kevin says. “And it works both for real estate vets or people dipping their toes into real estate for the first time ever. It requires very little time and almost no hard work on your end. How? Well, our award-winning team will take care of everything for you, from A to Z. Finding the properties, financing them, managing them, handling the negotiations, etc.”

That means, you can begin creating passive real estate wealth immediately, all while bypassing the usual risks and headaches. “We made real estate investing as easy as buying products from Amazon,” Kevin says. “Go to our website and I’ll show you the exact type of real estate investment you need to make your secure future happen. It’s practically recession-proof. And again, you don’t need to know anything about real estate in order to do this.”

If you’re sick of relying on the government and financial planners and the stinkin’ stock market, which could drop by twenty percent overnight, and you’d like to gain spendable cash each month (that continues to come in even if the market takes a dive), then the DFY Real Estate team invites you to book a strategy call with them. Plan on having about eighty grand, minimum, to get started. That includes a five thousand dollar fee that pays them for doing the heavy lifting for you.

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