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Wealth Dragons Review (John Lee)

Wealth Dragons

John Lee’s latest YouTube ad for Wealth Dragons goes like so: “If you’re looking to start an online business selling courses or online coaching, then I’d love to invite you to a live webclass that I’m running that’s gonna teach you step by step on how to do this,” he said. “In fact, there’s four things you need to know.”

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John continues, “Number one, you have to be able to create a profitable topic. You have to find what people are searching for. Number two is, if you’ve never done this before, how do you create the content? How do you film the content? The third thing is, which platforms do you use? And how do you use that to collect money every month? And the last one, once we’ve got our online school now, how do we promote it? How do we get a lot of exposure? And that’s exactly what I’ll be covering.”

He then lists his credentials. Over five million followers on social media. Multiple seven figure businesses. Jetsets all around the globe teaching others his proven processes. In 2009, along with his business partner, Vincent Wong, John founded Wealth Dragons. He describes it as “the world’s leading promoter of events and training programs that offer people unique tools and skills to work towards increasing their asset-based wealth and creating passive income.” John also owns Membby, a platform to host and sell your own courses.


Now that we know John has his hands in, basically, his own versions of Udemy and Teachable, it makes sense that he’s running ads encouraging you to sell what you know. Think about it. Not only can he monetize the how-to, but he can also make money, residually, when you inevitably run your e-learning business on his platforms. The man is no dummy. And hey, fair play to him. But my thing is, I don’t believe the average person can be successful selling their own info product.

How come? Well, for starters, I disagree with this whole notion that “everybody is an expert at something, so just go create some half-baked, six-module video course around it, then sell it for $997.” In my opinion, very few people ever put in the work to achieve mastery in their field. Fewer, still, are capable of passing their wisdom on to others. Said different, not everyone’s cut out to be a teacher. Do you agree?

And even if you’re one of the select few who has mastered a skillset other people might be willing to pay for and you’ve got a passion and a knack for mentoring others? Well, now you need a ton of targeted traffic. Compelling copy. Plenty of proof. Sales chops. Systems for onboarding, billing, and fulfillment. Around-the-clock support. Reputation management. And the list goes on.

Point being, creating a course is only the beginning. You’re still miles away from the piles of passive income Wealth Dragons wants you to envision yourself making. Ask us how we’d know. Wink. Or, here’s a better idea: for something much more doable, click the link below and read every word carefully.

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