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Chantel Duty Review (Home-Based Business)

Live With Exponential Purpose

Chantel Duty believes we’re in really exciting times right now. Yes, there’s been a lot of change the past coupla years, but guess what? Change creates opportunity. Great opportunity. Especially if you know where to look. “After being a long-time entrepreneur of 25 years, I am so grateful to have been introduced to something,” Chantel says. “Because now, I’ve created certainty not just for me and my family, but I get to help others do the same.”

“And there’s nothing more rewarding than that,” she continues. “You see, after reaching my heightened income last year? I needed more in my life. More than no debt and six-figures. I desperately wanted to find a way to really make a difference in other people’s lives. And that, to me, is what business is really all about: having a solid purpose to get up each day and know I can provide a change in someone’s life—one that provides both hope and solution.”

Chantel adds that it pains her to see others living for 5 p.m. on Friday, while dreading 8 a.m. on Monday. And yet, at the end of every month, they’re in the same position: bills barely got paid, nest egg didn’t budge. Too much month at the end of the money, as they say. “You might know how that goes, right?” she laughs. “Now, I’m on a mission to help curve unnecessary financial constraints and anxiety for people who are sick and tired of fighting the dollar.”

Chantel’s gonna show you how to make the dollar submit to you. Even if you don’t feel like you have any business skills whatsoever. She knows a billion dollar industry anyone can piggyback off of to create recurring monthly income. So whether you’re baking a quiche or cutting your toenails or binge-watching the latest season of Married at First Sight—or you’re passed out on the couch, mouth breathing, after that second glass of Meiomi—you’ve got money coming in, no matter what. Hmm. Care to elaborate, Chantel?

True Independence

“It doesn’t matter if you wanna take a week or an entire month off,” she claims. “This is something that pays you week after week, month after month, year after year, even when the world is faced with unexpected setbacks. You know, like downsizing. Or doors closing. This, my friend, is a secret to what wealthy people know and they take action when they see it. If you are looking for that achievement, that entrepreneurial freedom that I mentioned earlier—in order to replace your current income?”

“And then add a few extra zeroes at the end of it?” she continues. “Or even if you just wanna make enough to cover your car or your house payment each month? Let’s chat a little more, in depth, about what it is you need to accomplish right now. This year. And 5-10 years from now. I look forward to seeing how I can help. And if we make a great fit, we’re gonna dig deeper and see how we can implement a doable plan for you. That way, you can get a completely different result than what you’ve been getting for your efforts.”

So there’s Chantel’s pitch. She wants you to book a call to speak with her on the phone, where, my guess is, she’ll try to sell you her life coaching or enroll you into her network marketing company (or whatever it is). Seems like a nice lady, but I need more details. What has she achieved in the world of business? And how? What skills has she mastered? Why’s she qualified to teach you? What’s this gonna cost? How much work’s involved? Who’s it for? And so on and so forth. Ya know?

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.