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Eboov Reviews (Vince Reed)

Vince And Tai Lopez

Vince Reed is a former network marketer, author of Internet Traffic and Leads, and now the founder of Eboov.com. Are you running a webinar or VSL funnel? If so, he claims you can make way more money way faster using something called IVC campaigns. Before we get into what that even is, here’s why traditional funnels fall flat. The first problem is copycats. You test and tweak and finally get an ad and landing page and video pitch that works, and what happens?

A dozen of your competitors go and clone it, right? And so, pretty soon, your target audience stops responding. Which leads us to problem two: you’re paying an 80% tax on every single click that you send to your registration page. “For every 100 page visitors,” Vince explains, “80 people will hit this brick wall. This wall is preventing you from making 80% more offers.” And, as you might’ve guessed, this leads us to yet another problem: with these click, opt-in and watch funnels, you can only get so many people to view your pitch.

At best, 20% of your cold traffic will enter their email, 35% will sit through the entire webinar or VSL, and less than 2% will make a purchase. With this math, you’d need about 250 visitors to your squeeze page just to make a single sale. “This leads me to the final problem,” Vince continues. “Problem four is that, when you use a three-step sales funnel, it’s very difficult to identify where the problems are occurring. Is it your registration page headline? Is it the content in your webinar? Is it the price point of your offer?”

“This makes it very difficult to have a profitable funnel. And that’s why IVC campaigns is the solution. IVC stands for In-Video Conversions. You see, IVC campaigns allow you to get 100% of all visitors to your actual presentation page. You’re able to actually lock the video at the time that you choose and still capture the lead. So once they subscribe to the actual video, the video continues to play without the user ever leaving the page. One of my IVC campaigns I ran recently had a 61.73% opt-in rate. That’s over a 200% increase.”

Vince With Son

It gets better though. As prospects cough up their name and email (plus or minus a phone number) to keep watching your video, you can then turn around and sell straight from the video as well. So you’re eliminating two steps/pages. Literally, everything’s done right from the video. According to Vince, this allows you, on average, to make 51 times more offers as compared to standard multi-step marketing funnels. If you believe what Vince is saying here, the next obvious question is, How the heck do you do this yourself?

Well, he’s glad you asked. “Eboov stands for Entrepreneur Business Owner Online Video,” he says. “It’s in-video conversion technology that allows you to capture leads and sell products right from your video. Step number one to do this yourself is to simply upload your webinar or VSL to Eboov. Step two, you wanna create an in-video conversion lead campaign. You’ll integrate your autoresponder or CRM to our system. Now customize your opt-in form and select a time to drop your lead form in the video.”

“If you wanna sell right from within your video too, step three is to create an in-video sales campaign. List your product, a price, sync your payment gateway with our system, then click the button to show your sales form at the end of the video. Step four is just to grab the embed code and paste it into any page you wish. And boom, instantly you have an in-video conversion campaign.” Super slick. And I agree wholeheartedly: the less steps, the less pages, the more people you’re gonna convert. Book a demo with Vince to see pricing.

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