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Automation Edition Review (Trevor Berke)


Trevor Berke has a simple four step process to make five grand a month online. No experience, tech skills, confusing steps, or long hours required. It’s extremely easy to do. The business model is brand-spanking-new. You can automate everything so you never have to deal with working ever again. It apparently has something to do with the Credit Bureau’s 10T system. Let’s find out what it is and whether or not it’s legit. Read on for my Automation Edition 2.0 coaching program review.

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Who is Trevor Berke? The self-proclaimed “Credit God” is the founder of the largest credit mastermind in the world. He says he’s built multiple six and seven figure businesses, and consulted for an eight figure business. He has helped thousands of ordinary people unlock passive income. His YouTube ad I just watched felt very get-rich-quick. Well maybe not rich, but promising strangers a fast and easy way to make five grand a month online had me feeling real skeptical.

So I suffered through his two-plus-hour presentation. Trevor spent the first twenty minutes telling me how the Old System is broken. Duh. Why else would anyone click on an ad like this? Finally he reveals his unicorn money-making method. Automated credit repair. Specifically, removing false information from people’s credit reports. The already massive industry is exploding thanks to Covid.

There are hundreds of millions of people (and counting) that need your help, Trevor claims. And unlike dodgy digital hustles like forex and crypto, credit is as legit as it gets. Now is the time to learn his “easily repeatable four step process” and cash in on all this credit chaos. Pause. What if you don’t know the first thing about credit repair? How could you possibly build a business around it? Scroll down.


Trevor has you covered. He’ll help you attract people who would happily pay you to boost their credit score. He has prepared a lenders list you can give away for free on social media. Paste a link to the opt-in page, which he also supplies. Let technology automatically deliver the report and send a follow-up text message asking them to book a credit consult call. On the call, highlight all the bad stuff on their credit report. Offer to fix it for a fee. Do what’s required to fix it. Repeat.

But what if you don’t want any part of taking calls, doing credit consults, plus all the tedious tasks required to actually increase someone’s credit score? Trevor doesn’t blame you. That’s why he also teaches you how to outsource and automate the entire thing. Boom. No excuses. Especially when you enroll in his new and improved coaching program, Automation Edition 2.0. It has everything you need to earn “serious passive income online” without tech skills, employees, or prior experience.

How much does Automation Edition cost? It’s $1,997 or three installments of $997. But what a steal since, with all the amazing bonuses, Trevor lists the total value at $47,949. Wink. Here’s my take: despite Trevor spending so much time trying to convince you otherwise, I think it’s very confusing. So much to learn. And yeah, you may not have employees, but you’ll certainly have independent contractors. Good luck hiring, training, babysitting, and firing them when they inevitably don’t perform. Ew. There are straighter paths to five Gs a month on the internet. Click below.

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