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The 2% Theory Review (Anna Macko)


Anna Macko, the self-proclaimed Crypto Queen, says the reason you’re not making money trading cryptocurrency is because you’re not treating it like a business. But she does; and has been, since 2013. Now she’s a multi-millionaire. Inside her latest crypto course, The 2% Theory, she claims she can show you how to double your income each month. Sound scammy? Agreed. Scroll down for my review.

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“We already have students inside making $40,000 a month and $100,000 a month, which is pretty epic,” Anna brags. “I know that these methods work. And if you follow the rules, you have way more chances of getting really good wins. And the fact that we can make money while crypto goes up, and down, is a godsend. Plus you could follow me, you could copy my trades, we have a Signals group, and all kinds of stuff.”

Anna backtracks ever so slightly, warning that it’s still possible to lose money; just not likely. In the last 60 days, she hasn’t made a single losing trade. Her star student (supposedly) making $140,000+ per month is on a 30 day hot streak. As long as you follow her rules and ask the right questions, the more the odds are in your favor. But what exactly is the 2% Theory, right?

According to Anna, The 2% Theory is all about reinvesting two percent of your profits. It’s just compound investing. You make a trade, you gain, say, 60%; you keep two percent of that in your account to continue trading with and cash out the rest. Anna calls this the calm, slow, steady way to trade crypto, which seems to contradict an earlier statement she made about turning one K into one million in one year.


Anna points out that this has nothing to do with bots. She’s been there, done that, got the T-shirt, threw it in the trash. Bots are sketchy and can disappear without warning. The 2% Theory is all about you controlling your trades. You enter, you exit, you don’t send your bitcoin to anyone. In fact, there’s an entire module in her course devoted to keeping yourself safe with crypto.

The 2% Theory is for beginners and advanced traders alike. You can do it from anywhere; Anna has tips, tricks, and workarounds specific to the U.S., Canada, Australia, even Asia. It’s easier than stocks and forex. No technical analysis. Basically, you’ve got no excuses Anna says. “If you’re sick and tired of hearing about all your dumb friends getting rich with crypto, join The 2% Theory.” It’s designed to give you time, location, and financial freedom.

The 2% Theory coaching program contains tasks, lessons, videos, worksheets, an online trading journal, tools, Facebook group support, a Crypto On Fire class, a $100/Day Crypto class, three months of phone notifications for all of Anna’s trades, plus email and live chat support with the Two Percent team. The cost is $1,997 or three monthly payments of $799. There’s a refund policy with lots and lots of fine print.

After all that, do I think The 2% Theory is a scam? Contrary to what Reddit believes, no, I don’t. I think Anna is legit. Does she go too far in some of her marketing? Yes. And she better dial that back before the FTC makes an example out of her. Would I buy her course? Not in a million years. To me, if you do crypto at all, it’s something where you take some money you can afford to lose and you make a bet and hope it works out. If it does, great. If not, fine. But you spend your time creating assets that will go to work for you 24/7/365. And that’s what we do. Click below.

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