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Boss Profits Review (Dan Edmund)

Dan Edmund

Dan Edmund can help you start and scale your own online ecommerce store with predictability. Not only that, but he can increase your average order value by one hundred percent and double your conversion rate. He has a proven process that he’s been able to replicate over and over again. In fact, Dan cut his teeth on ecom over twelve years ago. Despite having very little money to start, he made eight million dollars in year one. Scroll down for my Boss Profits review.

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Was Dan’s first time luck? Great timing? Could he replicate it? He honestly didn’t know. So Dan took his formula and applied it to different niches, different products, different sites, different audiences. The result? Millions more in sales. A house in Maui. And total freedom. If you’re an aspiring ecommerce site owner or someone who is struggling to get your current ecommerce business off the ground, or maybe you’re doing well but you’ve plateaued, Dan says he’s your guy. His training isn’t get rich quick though. There will be work involved.

With a typical ecom store, Dan explains, you sell a simple product for ten bucks. Maybe you get it for three bucks a unit. You pay three bucks to ship it. Cool. Four dollars profit, right? Wrong. Because you didn’t factor in the cost to acquire a customer. Which is probably about seven bucks if you’re running Facebook ads. So in reality, you’re losing three dollars on every sale. Doesn’t work. This is why Dan uses a sales funnel that includes upsells, offers, and subscriptions.

When done right, you can ten X your average order value or more and bump conversions by one to ten percent. So instead of just selling a French Bulldog keychain for ten bucks, you might sell that same keychain for ten bucks plus a French Bulldog magnet, a French Bulldog eBook, and an adult French Bulldog coloring book, which triples the average profit per sale. But it doesn’t end there. After they buy, you take them to a one time offer page. Maybe it’s a gold chain collar (for French Bulldogs) for forty-seven bucks.


Dan can show you where to find products to create your bundles and upsells. He can also teach you ways to compete with Amazon by creating offers that sell themselves. Something more irresistible. It’s no longer an option. You have to do this. Advertising is too expensive to try messing around with ten dollar products. Dan’s flagship program is called Ecommerce Mastery. It’s an eight week in-depth training program that covers everything he learned over the last twelve years.

Included are copy and paste templates that you can plug into your business. There’s a private Facebook group for support. Live weekly coaching calls. You can even send private messages if you get stuck. “You’re literally gonna receive the exact steps that I continue taking when I launch new online stores,” Dan says. “I launch several every single year. Sometimes we have months where we launch two or three in one month. And some of them turn into million dollar stores. It happens all the time. Too many times to count.”

You’ll learn how to pick a niche that you can make money in; how to validate that people will actually spend money on your product; the right tools to use; the right way to build your sales funnel for maximum conversions; how to sell and scale your product; how to increase your average order value by at least three X; effective ways to bring in traffic; how to build your fanbase and email list; and tons more. Fill out an app at Boss Profits dot com to see if you qualify. No mention of cost. But Dan seems like a good guy who walks the walk.

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